How to speed up your old computer for free

How to speed up old PC for FreeAs the new latest devices are being released each month and technology is growing very fast so your trusty desktop can appear like it’s an old classic. It’s very easy to feel frustrated together with your old computer due their slow speed.  The sleeker models with the upgrades could make your PC unit seem like it’s truck beside a sports vehicle. But it does not mean that you can not work on your old computer. Don’t trash it at this time. You will find a lot of things that can be done to really make it perform like a new.

Listed here are a couple of things to help you to speed up your computer for free:

Increase Space.

Everybody needs space, even your PC. We finish up using more than a couple of bytes of photos, music, movies and programs within this digital world. All of this data needs time to work to see and process. These precious milliseconds accumulate and may make simply start-up your computer and surfing around the internet seem like a very long time.

You will find below steps you can take to increase your computer’s space.

  • First, clean-your hard disk driveRemove junk and non important files.
  • Remove temporary internet files.
  • Empty your trash can and also clean your desktop as much you can by moving desktop files to other location.
  • un-install programs that you simply rarely use.

For these all tasks either you can do this manually or you can install some PC Optimizer software which can perform these tasks automatically. If you’ve still got deficiencies in space,

transfer your files for an exterior drive. By doing this your pc doesn’t necessarily need to process it whenever you boot up.

If all fails, consider changing your present hard disk drive to a newer large space hard drive with faster RPM which can enable you to write and access files faster.

Increase RAM

You don’t need to exchange your pc to obtain a faster unit. Consider purchasing and setting up a greater RAM. If you are using a 32 bit computer (probably you are as we are talking here about old computers) you can increase your ram upto 2 GB. If you’re into watching hd movies or doing offers which are graphics rich, consider purchasing a much better video card. By doing this you will get the additional memory to maintain your computer from lagging.

Re-install Your OS

If no above is on your side, consider “renewing” your pc by re-installing your operating-system. It may be quite tiresome to complete, but is definitely worth your time and effort. Re-installing your OS can help you remove adware and spyware along with other programs that decelerate your pc. You may also start fresh by selecting the best programs and file management methods to maintain your computer zipping along easily.

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