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Bing Ads & coupons

Bing Ads & couponsIn recent times, Bing commercials have been quite popular on TV. The company is trying to amp up its service, and needs to prove something. Moreover, Bing is getting increasingly integrated into the Windows 8 platform. For many online marketers, there’s a tendency to forget that Microsoft Bing even exists.

The popularity of Google seems to be the primary reason for such behavior. However, the market share has been increasing for Bing. Currently, Bing offers an exceptional SEO analyzer, and even announced a high end keyword distribution graph.

With the popularity of Bing increasing with every passing day, advertising on Bing can provide you with better returns. When you’re developing your internet marketing strategy, you shouldn’t rule out Bing. Though Bing might to reach Google’s status in the market, you should take advantage of all the help you can get. Here are some reasons why you should advertise on Bing.

Bing CPC Costs Less

The most important reason to organize an advertising campaign on Bing is that PPC advertisements with the same keyword cost less than Google. This means, you can get a better rank for an effective and competitive keyword for less money than you pay on Google. It’s worth mentioning that every client and keywords differs. In most cases, you will be paying much less on Bing.

Similarities in Google-Bing Ad Platform

Most online marketers have conducted numerous tests on Bing and Google to find out how keywords offer different results on both platforms. It’s worth mentioning that search behavior is almost the same on both search engines. You can take advantage from the similarities in the following manner :

  • It’s better to do all the testing on Google first. It’s important to understand that Google owns the volume. It’s also better at assessing click fraud. You will be able to gather information about keywords that work as the best drivers. You will also know about the best kind of landing pages.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your results, you should take these findings to Bing, and notice your CPC going down, and ROI going up. In fact, Bing encourages this process. In Bing, you can directly import Google campaigns quickly.

Recent Improvements in the Bing Platform

Until recently, Bing online marketers had a particular Daily Budget option. It spread out money throughout the day. Due to this, the PPC advertisement would show up less during searches, but your budgets would last longer in the day. This was called throttling, and had a major impact on the success of your ad campaign.

The best thing about PPC is that it offers specific impressions to searchers, and they are free. It’s much better to have advertisements up all the time. They should only disappear when they reach the daily limit.

Recently, Bing made a lot of excellent changes to the Daily Budget options. Now, online marketers only need to specify how much they want to spend on a given day. The AdCenter system effectively determines the monthly maximum amount. While there are still some problems, like throttling or experiencing a significant Budget Pause, recent changes have brought some significant improvements in the advertising platform. The company is planning more positive changes in future.

Bing Offers Greater Ad Flexibility

There are many online marketers who don’t like specific limits placed by Google on PPC advertisements. Google puts a 25 character limit on the Title, while Bing features a 40 character limit. When it comes to advertising, something that gives you more flexibility is the better choice. If you pay attention and add those 15 extra characters, you may have a competitive edge over lazy marketers who just use their Google ads.

Better Conversion Rates

There are many online marketers who claim that Google offers better leads or sales per click rates. However, some marketers have a different opinion. The success rate depends on the type of business you run. According to most industry experts, a lot of retail companies get better conversion rates with Bing.

For most B2B companies, conversion rates are almost the same on Bing and Google. It’s important to understand that when CPCs are 50-70% lower on Bing, it’s easy to afford slightly lower conversion rates. You will still be spending less than what you would have on Google.

With all these reasons, there’s no doubt that you should include Bing in your overall advertising campaign. It will definitely provide you with excellent results at better prices. You won’t be spending a lot of money, and will notice better ROI.

Bing Ads Coupons

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