InvalidArgumentException View not found in Laravel 8

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  • InvalidArgumentException View not found in Laravel 8

    I am getting this error


    View [expenses.list] not found.


    expenses.list was not found.

    Are you sure the view exists and is a .blade.php file?


    Everything is okay from my side and here are the detail

    Laravel 8 / PHP 7.3 / MySql 8

    My route is working properly and in the controller I have simply put this line.

    return view('expenses.list');

    and the blade file is presented in the view/expenses/list.blade.php

    So why is this not finding the file? What is wrong with it?

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    If you are new to the Laravel then make sure you are not creating the blade files under app folder, it should be under the resources folder. This is a common mistake by the newbies otherwise t should work fine.

    There are two view in the Laravel 8 in the App/views and another is Resources/views. Blade comes under Resources/views folder. Hope it will solve your issue.

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    View [viewAgbeniStock] not found.
    my view is under resource/view
    and I’m having a similar error. I am using Laravel 8 Jetstream
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    Definitely this is an issue of Typo . Make sure your are typing the exact file name and providing the right path with folder name. You have to put a .(dot) if it is in a subfolder of the view folder.

    View [viewAgbeniStock] not found

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