7 Most Essential Things To Know Concerning Microsoft Surface 3

microsoft-surfaceHave you ever heard of a tablet that is capable of replacing your laptop? If not yet, it is prudent to know virtually everything concerning Microsoft Surface 3, a third-generation Surface Pro tablet that was unveiled on May 20, 2014, by Microsoft. There is a lot regarding this tablet that you need to know in order to understand it a lot better. Here are some 7 most essential things regarding Microsoft surface 3 that you need to know.

7 Most Essential Things To Know Concerning Microsoft Surface 3

1. Its screen comprises of just two layers

For years, Microsoft has been working on reducing the parallax effect that is brought about by the multiple layers used for purposes of creating a modern touch screen. As such, Microsoft Surface 3 is finally the apex of this effort. The tablet comes with just two layers-that is the ultra thin glass on the surface and the LCD. The ultra-thin glass is coated with ITO or indium tin oxide for purposes of adding touch sensitivity.

2. Its charger doubles as an incredibly high-speed data port

Of all the Microsoft’s Surface chargers, none of them is half as good as Microsoft surface 3’s charger. The charger features a propriety design that works remarkably fine. Unlike the magnetic connector for other Surface models, this charger slides into a magnetic slot. The slot also doubles as an incredibly high-speed data port.

3. Microsoft surface 3 utilizes an active capacitive pen

The Microsoft surface 3’s pen allows you to take notes, draw images and start the table with just a push of a button. The battery-powered Bluetooth pen releases an electrostatic field consequently allowing you to control a cursor appearing on the screen without necessarily touching the screen with the pen. Extra technology is used to give Microsoft surface 3’s pen high levels of pressure sensitivity.

4. The speakers are located on the front

Microsoft Surface 3’s speakers are located on the front but they are cleverly integrated such that you may be unable to spot them. On the tablet’s left and right-hand sides, approximately one inch from the tablet’s top edge, you will locate two 1-inch cutouts inside the glass. Once you look very closely, you will locate the narrow speaker grills.

5. It scales the desktop resolution

Microsoft Surface 3 features a 2,160 x 1,440 resolution screen which is fantastic for watching videos, playing games and drawing images in the Windows UI. Therefore, this means that Microsoft scales up the desktop resolution to 1.5x. Its Retina displays make Windows menu and icon options much easier to select and see.

6. Comes with two 5 megapixels cameras

This is something that has made Microsoft Surface 3 quiet productive. Both the back and front cameras are 5 megapixels. These cameras do not only take decent photos, but they also make spectacular pictures. The two cameras are capable of shooting 1080p video and they can also be used for purposes of video conferencing.

7. Microsoft Surface 3 is lighter in comparison to similar-sized laptops

The tablet is lightweight in comparison to similar sized laptops like MacBook Air and most Apple laptops. It is also thinner as compared to several laptops out there. However, Microsoft Surface 3 is not light as compared to other tablets such as Xperia and iPad Air.

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