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Live Plan Online Business PlanningA business plan has simply got to be the most important aspect of planning and launching a business and it gets very hard to get funding from creditors or banks if the business plan is not solid enough. When it comes to writing a business plan, most people have no idea how to do it or where to start. This is where LivePlan comes in.

LivePlan – Turn your ideas into business

LivePlan is a cloud-based service that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to develop a Business Plan from scratch. One of the many good things about it is that you do not have to have knowledge about generating a plan or even past experience whatsoever, LivePlan takes you all the way from the beginning to the end.

Whom is LivePlan For?

This app is for anyone planning to put up a business that needs to have a solid plan either for a startup or for an existing business. LivePlan can help develop a plan for any type of business with four to five examples of how to write every section. Although that sounds good, this app is not tailored for consulting and does not provide specific guidance to the business you want, still, it does far better than most.

What problems will it solve exactly?

One of the good things about this app is that it asks you all the important questions you ought to tackle even though they are more generic than consulting. It also provides features for scheduling, financial planning as well as tracking your performance over time. So basically it is a business planning tool.

Exceptional features

  • Supports multiple plans.
  • You can compute your profits and losses using charts on the financial plan.
  • There is an option to edit the plan so you can alter it to your liking.
  • You can track and chart your past performances.
  • You can export the plan to a word or PDF document format.
  • You can collaborate with your friends.


  • You don’t have to know a thing about planning because the app will guide you through
  • It is user-friendly with modern web pages
  • It is cloud-based which means you access you plan from any computer or internet devise
  • You can easily share your recourses with your business partners
  • Liveplan actually locks the section you are using so another user does not edit what you are using
  • Multiple themes to choose from


  • You always have to connect to the internet to use it
  • There is no way to copy an already existing plan

Pricing and Coupons

Pricing- $19.95 per month with no need for a contract and an annual subscription of $11.6 per month and if you take advantage of their exclusive LivePlan promo code, you can get 50% off for the first month.

Browser support- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and above are the regular browsers they test but they are not limited to them.

Using a tool like LivePlan to take you through the entire process of putting together your business plan might be what you need to do in order to get your business on the road. If you consider all the help you will get for $20 then it is definitely worth it. You can also continue with the subscription for performance tracking if you feel the need to update on a regular basis.

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Check out the website and you can find some other usefull information and guide regarding your business startup.

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