Netflix – Bigger than Cable and Youtube?

Netflix audience grows tremendously every year, and around this time every year, we hear about the death of cable television. Entertainment on the internet is the next television with the millennial generation. Netflix is the most popular streaming service out there along with YouTube. Studies have shown that Netflix not only has more subscribers but is also about to begin receiving more views. Why is this so?

Nobody ever liked Traditional Cable Television

Let’s be honest, the only reason most would watch cable television is because it was the only good source of TV at the time. Excluding the few gem channels like Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, or HBO we never watched TV unless or favorite show was on. Along with this, there were numerous amounts of commercials and waiting just to have enjoyed our favorite show. With Netflix, you have the ability to watch your favorite show on the fly whenever you want. No commercials and no sponsors just pure uninterrupted TV. If you are old enough to remember the time when people would constantly complain about commercials you will understand the hatred we had for advertisements at the time. Now you can watch your TV show without waiting for it to air or dealing with ads: even though you still get some from time to time they never interrupt your overall experience. That’s the point with cable television we never enjoyed it we just did use it because it was all we had. That’s what make Netflix so special you get quality and sometimes original well-made TV shows without interruptions and only for a couple of dollars a month.

You can watch a variety of movies

Unlike YouTube or Television, with Netflix, you can watch a wide array of movies with the push of a button. YouTube don’t allow movies and if they do it costs money and Cable Television has a fixed schedule of movies that you will have to wait to see. Yes, with cable television you can record your favorite shows and yes with YouTube there are some movies that slip the radar. Yet with Netflix, there are tons of awesome blockbuster films exclusively on Netflix. This is excluding the awesome TV shows on Netflix like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead that can be seen at any time you want.

They have good content.

This is Netflix Holy Grail. The amount of original content that Netflix compromise of is large and getting bigger. Cable Television doesn’t have any original films that can ‘only be seen on TV’ and YouTube Red hasn’t reached its full potential yet. Netflix dominates this field and this is the reason behind the continuous growth. Recently Netflix has added Luke Cage to their lineup and it’s widely successful. Along with Luke Cage, Netflix originals tend to gather a large following and an even larger fan base. Their fan base for their original pass some of Cable Televisions largest network shows that they top dime to keep on air.

Netflix Top Gun

Netflix has and will continue to dominate the market of viewership. With a loyal fan base and creative original shows Netflix will continue to grow larger every day. So far, Netflix has passed Cable Television and will continue until it surpasses YouTube. If competition doesn’t heat up soon Netflix will be the dominant field in video entertainment for years to come.

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