How Virtual Reality is influencing our lives?

Virtual Reality or VR has been around us since several decades, if not in a physical form at least it existed in the form of a thought or an idea. Imagine how ...

Is Bitcoin creating overnight millionaires?

Time and time again we tune into the news, aside from the usual world outcry we hear about, there is always one subject that peaks our interest more than any ...

Is Dubai world central the next Silicon valley?

Dubai technology Silicon Valley in the United States is known for its many startups and technological advance lifestyle that people live. Among the many ...

Netflix – Bigger than Cable and Youtube?

Netflix audience grows tremendously every year, and around this time every year, we hear about the death of cable television. Entertainment on the internet is ...

Pokemon Go:  Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness Of Crowds

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness Of Crowds by Charles Mckay is probably the best way to explain this app. I'm not suggesting that Pokemon Go is ...

5D Data Storage – Coin Sized Disk Can Hold the 360 TB Data for Billions of Years

5D Data Storage - How it could change the face of data storage devices Coin Sized Disk Can Hold the 360 TB Data for Billions of Years. We all know the ...

Get the Best Android Experience through Arrow Launcher

Users of Samsung Galaxy S6 know for certain how skinned its Android platform is. In fact, when you fire up the device and swipe in both the directions, you get ...

Top 10 Apps that can make your iPad Pro even Better

Advancements in technologies have meant there isn’t a huge difference between a tablet and a computer, these days. The arrival of Apple’s iPad Pro has narrowed ...

How to turn Chrome into a language tutor

Learning a new language is something we all should try because it can prove to very beneficial for us. If you know more than 2 languages, there are a number of ...

How To Deactivate Adobe Flash, Reasons You Might To Know About Shockwave Flash

Adobe Flash is quite popular among hackers, because it has been an easy target for them to exploit. Moreover, the Flash player is the only reason behind ...

How to Make any TV an Ambilight TV

The Ambilight TV range from Philips offers LED lighting around the sides of the TV, creating the fantasy that the picture displayed on the screen somehow ...

Microsoft Working on Breakthrough Surface Phone

Microsoft is stopping at nothing to ensure that it carves a niche for itself in the gadget world just as it has done in the OS industry. In a bid to be a tech ...

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