Top Keyword Analysis tools for your SEO Strategy

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis tools

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis toolsThe basic substructure of SEO comprises of keyword research, quality content, on page optimization and an affective user interactive website. Keywords are the most important element of SEO. The right kind of keyword research enables to fetch the targeted content. Many companies spend whopping amount of money for this keyword research and get themselves the desired content. The keyword that you choose to focus on plays a very important role in SEO. You never know if a certain keyword will work for you or not. Choosing the right keyword requires a lot of research. Apart from that an intuitive approach is also a must.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis tools

To provide ease to this process of finding the most apt keywords there are certain Keyword research tools available in the market. These tools will help you figure out which keywords work for your overall web strategy. Most of the research tools available in the market are paid but some of them are available free of cost too. There are a wide range of tools that are available in the market. The Top 5 are enlisted.

1. SEMRUSH – Competitive Research Tool

Another keyword research tool available in the market is SEMRUSH. This tool is unlike the other typical keyword research tools in the market, if offers a lot more to the users. In other tools, you need to type your keyword in the search box, but here you can just need to add your competitor URL and then it will show you all the keywords which this site is ranking for. This feature will help you to find long and short keywords both. Here you can get more details like the Traffic stats, search engine report and many more.

Semrush keyword research and competitive analysis

These details can be used to make your SEO campaign more effective. This tool can also be used as a competitor keyword analysis tool. To understand the Keyword strategy of the competitor site. It gives you lost of keyword ides to you by just entering the relative websites url. This tool is at No. 1 in the list ans was recommended by many internet marketing gurus.

2. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is basically a desktop keyword research tool. It is one of the most popular ones in its series. This keyword research and finding tool is a paid one and here you can find keywords for your micro-niche site. They also have a platinum version where keyword analysis is feature is the center of attraction. They also have a competition checker which will enable you to compare and pick the right keyword. This tool is available for Mac and Windows.

Long Tail Pro - Keyword Analysis

3. Keyword Spy – Research and track Competitors keywords

The keyword spy tool is an excellent tool which can be used to track and identify the keywords that your competition is using. You can also do research on keywords for your own website simultaneously. This tool can also be used to create targeted campaigns. You can also view competitor keywords through this tool. You can even take a look at regional information and SEO rank software through this keyword research tool. It is a paid software. Also there are separate packages and options for agencies and enterprises. This tool will help you a lot to gain understanding about the market trends.KeywordSpy Competitor ads and keyword monitoring

You can find out the Ad Copies as displayed on the Adwords their targeted keywords with budgets etc. This is one of the my favorite tool to keep an eye on Competitors SEO and advertising strategy and can also find new and useful keywords for own site. It also comes with a feature to monitor campaigns with keyword or url. You can easily find out the Organic keywords, PPC keywords, Ad Copies, Misspell keywords, Similar and related keywords etc for you and from your competitors. One of the great tool. Checkout

4. Webceo – 15 great internet marketing tools

You can get access to 15 useful tools for your internet marketing, some of them includes

webceo and webseo

  • Advanced Competitive Analysis.
  • Toxic Backlink Analyzer.
  • Competitor backlink spy.
  •  Backlink Quality Analyzer.
  • Unnatural Links Detection
  • Technical audit, keyword research and many more.

Overall it is complete SEO suite. You can register for free at webceo. Please also check the webseo – which is a desktop software used and trusted by top corporate. Known as the No. 1 SEO Software for your computer. When you buy webseo software you will get the free acess to webceo. They claim all there tools and software as Penguin and Panda Safe. Its worth to give it a try.

5. Google Keyword Planner Tool

The google keyword planner tool is the most popular and the most used keyword tool available in the market. This is so because it comes from the most trusted brand Google and because of its easy to use features. Other reasons for its popularity are that it is free and it works perfectly with AdWords. In order to start using this tool you need to create an AdWord account and it can be created absolutely free of cost. The biggest key feature of this tool is that it provides deep information on Google, which is unarguably the largest search engine we have other ways this feature acts as a limitation as well. If you want to know your keyword statistics on other search engine you cannot get it here. Also it is free to use.

Google Keyword Planner tool


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