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Make Professional Videos in Minutes

Make Professional Videos in MinutesSo what is a Wideo will likely be your first question? Simply put a wideo helps you to make professional animated videos in just minutes, and the best part is you can do it yourself. Express your ideas in animated and video way. It is not a desktop software but an online tool.Essentially it will enable you to create, edit, and share videos. Videos can be shared both online and personally and can include all sorts of pictures, images, backgrounds and music that you can choose from, or upload your own. Online tool to create professional animated videos.

Create Free Animated Video online with Wideo.co

Wideo Review and Coupons

Who’s it for?

Wideos can be used by businesses wanting to get a leg up. It’s a great way to advertise, and the animation makes it possible to pass messages along to potential customers. This makes it possible to broadcast intuitive easy to understand messages. You can also use it in the work place to make product demos and to communicate your ideas in corporate presentations. This neat tool can also be used to info-graphics and Video tutorials.
It is also a great tool to use in education. Whether you are a teacher, project leader or Rabbi it is a productive way to make your learners get the information they need. And thanks to the visual experience it will likely have the added bonus of improving the learners’ retention of the knowledge.

How does it work?

It is a combination of an online video animation maker into a quick graphic diagram. This allows you to make your animated videos both quickly and easily. It will enable you to make animated videos using images and audio that can either be your own or the ones made available to you. With just a few clicks you could animate objects and text. You also choose who you share your wideos with, as you have full control over the privacy of your wideos.

How do I start?

As it is an online product you will need to make your way to the Wideo website. Here you will find many great examples of how wideos have been used as professional and quality startups in business meetings, how teachers can use it, and how it can be used for online marketing. Once inspired, you can go to one of the many ‘create a wideo‘ tabs to get started. You will find that you have the option of getting a free plan; however these wideos are limited to 45 seconds, and will likely be limited. However, it is a fun way to try it out and see if it’s the tool for you.
If you do decide it is you can choose to purchase the Plus package, the Pro package or Agency package. With the plus package you can make wideos up to 90 seconds, you have unlimited downloads in web quality and unlimited access to templates. If you are planning to make wideos for personal use this is the package I would recommend to you, and for $9/month it is by far the cheapest. The Pro package gets you wideos up to 180 seconds, unlimited downloads in HD quality and unbranded wideos (as the wideos are branded with the plus package). With the agency package you’re wideo lengths are unlimited, downloads are in full HD, and your wideos are also unbranded.
If you’re concerned with your ability to use it, the website also has many easy to understand videos explaining how to use wideo. So if you ever need to communicate your ideas in a unique and easy way just remember wideo

Wideo Coupons

Right now we didn’t found any coupon or promo for Wideo. Bookmark us and we will let you know when we found any promo to purchase wideo service in cheaper price.

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