Best WiFi 6 Router for Long Range in India for 2024

Are you looking to buy WiFi 6 Router for Long Range? In a world where options are seemingly endless, it can be challenging to find the ideal WiFi 6 Router for Long Range that suits your individual requirements. Our mission is to simplify this process for you. Our team of dedicated professionals has rigorously analyzed, tested, and compared the most sought-after WiFi 6 Router for Long Range products in the market. We have curated best WiFi 6 Router for Long Range of 2024 specially for the Indian buyers.

Are you tired of slow internet speeds and poor WiFi signals at your home or office? If so, it’s time to upgrade to a WiFi 6 router! With the latest technology designed for long-range coverage and lightning-fast speed, these routers are perfect for large homes, multi-story buildings, and even outdoor spaces. But with so many options on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this buying guide, we’ll compare some of the best WiFi 6 routers available in terms of range, features and price point to help you make an informed decision that fits your unique needs.

Best WiFi 6 Router for Long Range

Review of top 5 WiFi 6 Router for Long Range

TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500 Mbps Archer AX10,Smart WiFi,Triple-Core CPU, Gigabit, Dual-Band OFDMA, MU-MIMO, Compatible with Alexa, Wireless Dual Band Router,Black

Rs. 8,999
Rs. 3,599
as of July 13, 2024 11:39 pm


The TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500 Mbps Archer AX10 is a smart wireless router with advanced features that make it stand out from other routers. It has a triple-core CPU, gigabit speed, dual-band OFDMA and MU-MIMO capabilities which ensure faster speeds and more stable connections for multiple devices at once. The router also works seamlessly with Alexa, making it easy to manage your network using voice commands.


  • Wireless Type: 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)
  • Speed: Up to 1.5 Gbps
  • CPU: Triple-Core Processor
  • MU-MIMO Technology: Yes
  • Dual-Band OFDMA :Yes
  • Gigabit Ports: Yes


  • Faster internet speeds than previous generation Wi-Fi standards.
  • Supports multiple devices with its tripple core processor.
  • Provides seamless video streaming experience without any buffering due to the latest technology like dual-band OFDMA and MU-MIMO .
  • Easy management of network through Alexa.


  • Takes longer time in setting up as compared to traditional routers.
  • May not be able handle larger homes or complex networks.


If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful wireless router that can deliver high-speed internet connectivity throughout your home or office space then the TP-Link WiFi 6 AX1500 Mbps Archer AX10 should definitely be on top of your list. With its innovative features such as tripple core processor, dual-band OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology it can provide seamless video streaming experience to multiple devices at once. The only downside is that the initial setup process may take a bit longer than traditional routers but in the end it’s definitely worth the effort especially if you’re looking for fast and reliable internet speeds.

MERCUSYS Mr90X Ax6000 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router|6000 Mbps Tri-Band Wireless 2.5 Gbps Muti-Gigabit Port|4×4 Mu-Mimo|Smart WiFi Connect|Wpa3,Black

Rs. 14,999
Rs. 8,999
as of July 13, 2024 11:39 pm

TP-Link Archer AX23 AX1800 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router (1800 Mbps Speed Gigabit Wireless | Beamforming OFDMA | Next-Gen Platform Dual-Core CPU | One Mesh Easy Setup) Black

Rs. 10,999
Rs. 4,299
as of July 13, 2024 11:39 pm


The TP-Link Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 Mbps Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router is a state-of-the-art device that offers faster speeds, more stable connections and wider coverage compared to previous models. It comes equipped with advanced features such as OneMesh support, HomeShield security system and powerful dual-core CPU.


  • Wi-Fi Speed: Up to 5400Mbps
  • CPU: Dual-Core Processor
  • Bands: Dual-Band (2.4GHz/5GHz)
  • Antennas: Eight high-gain external antennas for maximum coverage
  • Ethernet Ports: Five Gigabit Ethernet ports including one WAN port and four LAN ports.
  • USB Port Type-C USB3.0 + Type-A USB2.0


  • Faster internet speed due to the latest Wi-Fi technology.
  • Dual-band connectivity ensures smoother streaming of videos or games on any device.
  • The eight high-gain external antennas provide an extended range of coverage throughout your home or office space.
  • The router supports seamless integration with other devices using OneMesh technology.
  • The home shield feature provides robust protection against online threats like viruses, hacking attempts etc.


  • This model may be too expensive for users who do not require top-notch performance from their routers.
  • Lack of compatibility with older wireless standards might limit its use in some environments.


In conclusion, the TP-Link Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 Mbps Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router is an excellent choice if you are looking for a router that offers the latest technology and high performance. It is perfect for gamers, streamers or anyone who needs fast internet speed with wider coverage.

The OneMesh support ensures seamless integration with other devices while HomeShield provides robust security protection against online threats. Despite its relatively high cost, it’s an investment worth making if you want to enjoy top-notch connectivity in your home or office space without any limitations.

TP-Link Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 Mbps Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router, OneMesh Supported, Dual-Core CPU,HomeShield, Ideal for Gaming Xbox/PS4/Steam, Plug and Play (Archer AX72), Black

Rs. 12,999
Rs. 7,999
as of July 13, 2024 11:39 pm

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi 6 Router (RAX200) - AX11000 Tri-Band Wireless Speed (Up to 10.8 Gbps) | Coverage for Large Homes | 4 X 1G and 1 X 2.5G Ethernet Ports | 2 X 3.0 USB, Black

Rs. 74,999
Rs. 33,999
as of July 13, 2024 11:39 pm

Netgear WiFi Range Extender EX6110 - Extend your Internet Wi-Fi up to 1200 sq ft & 20 Devices with AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Signal Repeater & Booster|Compact Wall Plug Design|Easy Set-Up

Rs. 3,999
Rs. 2,199
as of July 13, 2024 11:39 pm

Factors to consider before buying WiFi 6 Router for Long Range

WiFi 6 Technology

The first factor to consider before buying a Wi-Fi 6 router for long range is the technology itself. The IEEE’s next-generation wireless standard, also known as “802.11ax,” offers faster speeds, more significant coverage area and improved reliability than its predecessors.

Coverage Area

When purchasing a router with long-range capabilities, it’s essential to check on how much square footage or distance it can cover effectively. Some routers are designed explicitly for larger houses or buildings while others may be better suited for smaller apartments or condos.

Antenna Design

Antennas play an integral part in determining the performance of your Wi-Fi network when broadcasting signals over distances. A good antenna design will help boost signal strength and improve coverage.

Beamforming Technology

Beamforming helps direct Wi-Fi signals towards connected devices by focusing them in specific directions rather than sending them out evenly across all directions. Routers that come equipped with beamforming technology offer better connectivity and longer ranges compared to those without it.

Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) Support

MIMO support refers to multiple antennas on both transmitting and receiving ends of a connection which enables simultaneous data transfer between devices at high speeds even from farther away areas despite obstacles such as walls etc., ensuring seamless communication throughout.

By considering these factors carefully before making a purchase decision, you’ll ensure that you get yourself the best possible Wi-Fi experience with maximum range coverage no matter where you go!

FAQs related to WiFi 6 Router for Long Range

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 or 802.11ax is the latest wireless standard that offers faster internet speeds, better performance in crowded areas and improved power efficiency compared to its predecessors.

What are the benefits of a WiFi 6 router for long range?

A WiFi 6 router has advanced features like MU-MIMO (multi-user multiple input/output) technology, which allows devices to communicate with the router simultaneously rather than waiting their turn. This results in less congestion on your network and ultimately provides longer range Wi-Fi coverage without any interruptions.

How can I check if my device supports WiFi 6?

You can check if your device supports WiFi 6 by going into settings > about phone/device > hardware information > wifi version. If it says “802.11ax” then it’s compatible with Wifi-6 routers

Which brands offer good quality Wifi-6 Routers for Long Range ?

The top-performing brands include ASUS RT-AX88U Dual-Band Router, Netgear Nighthawk AX12 Tri-band Router, TP-LINK Archer C4000 AC4000 Wireless Tri-Band Router , Linksys Max Stream MR9600 Mesh Wi-Fi Router etc.,

I have a large household with many connected devices, how do I choose the right model?

If you have a lot of connected devices at home then you should look out for models offering more streams i.e., higher number of antennas/ aerials . For example – A tri-band (three radio bands instead of two) might be beneficial over dual band as this will allow more connections concurrently without interfering each other’s signals resulting stronger signal strength across all channels,

Do all my devices need to support WiFi 6 for me to benefit from a WiFi-6 router?

No, you don’t need all of your devices to support WiFi 6. However, if more devices on your network are compatible with the standard then you will likely experience better performance and faster speeds overall.

General Buying Guide: WiFi 6 Router for Long Range

1. Research and compare

Once you have a clear understanding of your requirements, research and compare different products within your chosen category. Look for expert reviews, user testimonials, and product specifications to get a comprehensive understanding of each option.

2. Quality and durability

Opt for a WiFi 6 Router for Long Range that is built with high-quality materials and designed to withstand regular use. A well-constructed product will not only provide better performance but also last longer, offering more value for your money.

3. Brand reputation

Choose a [Keyword] from a reputable brand with a proven track record for quality, reliability, and customer support. A reputable brand is more likely to offer reliable products and stand behind their offerings with a robust warranty or guarantee.

4. Features and functionality

Consider the range of features and functionalities offered by each WiFi 6 Router for Long Range and determine which ones are most important to you. Some features may be essential for your specific needs, while others might be nice-to-have but not necessarily critical.

5. Price and value for money

While it’s essential to find a WiFi 6 Router for Long Range that fits within your budget, don’t compromise on quality just to save a few dollars. Instead, focus on finding the best value for your money by selecting a product that offers the right balance of quality, features, and price.

6. Warranty and customer support

A good warranty can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment. Make sure to check the warranty terms and the level of customer support provided by the manufacturer. This information can be a good indicator of the company’s commitment to their products and customers.

Online buying safety tips

When purchasing products online, it’s essential to follow some safety tips to ensure a secure and satisfying shopping experience. Here are a few guidelines to help protect you and your personal information while shopping online.

Shop from reputable websites:

Stick to well-known and trustworthy websites for your online shopping. Look for indicators of legitimacy, such as secure connections (https://), contact information, and a history of positive customer reviews.

Research the seller

If you’re considering buying from an individual seller or a lesser-known website, research their reputation. Look for customer reviews, ratings, and any available information on their trustworthiness.

Check for a secure connection

When entering personal information or payment details, ensure that the website uses a secure connection (https://). A secure connection encrypts the data you provide, protecting it from potential hackers.


In conclusion, our curated list of the “Top WiFi 6 Router for Long Range Picks – Unbeatable Choices for 2023” showcases the very best options available in the market today. We hope our in-depth reviews and comparisons have provided you with the valuable information needed to make a confident and informed decision. You can buy from reputed Amazon store without any hesitation.


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