Tips for Writing best article for your blog

article-writingArticle writing is one of the most responsible work to do. In simple words you can define article writing as “Writing something you read in a better, unique and in most understandable way”.Article writer should be responsible for his words. The key thing about writing any article is that you should write in a very simple way that anybody can understand.

How to Write the Best Article

Type of Article

The first and the most important way to write an article is to know that which type of topic you going to write. Extensive research needs to be done for writing articles in any niche. If the topic is not related to your field and you have to be extra cautious to identify false information regarding the topic on the internet. It’s better to search online first and see how other people wrote about topics related to your subject.
There are different types of articles such as:


These kind of articles need authentication and references and you can’t write anything out of the current news.

How to

How to articles need simple instructions and suggestions to the users. People mostly love to read such articles because these articles carry the solution of their problems.


Article writers have much margin in such kind of articles, they can write their point of views and much more.

Write down important points

The second important step after choosing the type of article is to note down some important topics related to the article. You should search for different parts related to the specific topic and then decide how to arrange all points and how to write and where to highlight the main parts.

Headings/ Paragraphs

The best article is one with more headings and good paragraphs. If the entire article is written in just one paragraph, then its tough to read. Small paragraphs and informative headings let you bring more traffic on your article.

Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Do not ignore the grammar mistakes in your article. Always double check for errors with all grammar rules such as conjunction, punctuation, etc.
Pay Attention to the style and structure
You should pay attention to the style and structure of article. For example, if you writing a review article you should know how to start it and how to end it up.

Avoid Plagiarism

Once you are about to write down the article, gather the points and find out how you can use your own words to explain the whole topic. For a better and worthy article, it is necessary that it contains no plagiarism. Many online software’s, plagiarism checkers are available on internet. So after writing an article you should check it. If your material is copied, it will be shown by the software.

Write Conclusion

After writing the whole article, you should conclude it in your own words. To show that what you feel or what you want to suggest to the readers.

Read Article in a loud voice

Before giving your article a final look, must read it aloud. By reading it loud you will find mistakes if any? Sometimes the sentence building mistake is inside the article that can be finished after you reading it loudly.

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