Best wifi printer for office use in India for 2024

Are you looking to buy wifi printer for office use? In a world where options are seemingly endless, it can be challenging to find the ideal wifi printer for office use that suits your individual requirements. Our mission is to simplify this process for you. Our team of dedicated professionals has rigorously analyzed, tested, and compared the most sought-after wifi printer for office use products in the market. We have curated best wifi printer for office use of 2024 specially for the Indian buyers.

Are you tired of dealing with tangled cords and limited mobility while printing in your office? If so, it’s time to upgrade to a wifi printer! With its wireless connectivity feature, you can print from anywhere within range without the hassle of cables. No more running back and forth between devices – simply hit ‘print’ on your laptop or mobile device and let the magic happen. But with so many options available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve curated a list of top-rated wifi printers for office use along with their features and specifications, making it easy for you to find the best fit for your workspace needs. Say goodbye to messy wires and hello to efficient printing with our buying guide!

Best wifi printer for office use

Review of top 5 wifi printer for office use

HP Deskjet 2723 Printer, Copy, Scan, Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Simple Setup Smart App, Ideal for Home.

Rs. 5,891
Rs. 5,499
as of July 13, 2024 12:09 pm


The HP Laserjet 108w is a monochrome laser printer that offers Wi-Fi connectivity and is designed for use in both home and office environments. It has a compact design, making it easy to place on a desk or shelf without taking up too much space.


  • Print Technology: Monochrome Laser
  • Connectivity: WiFi, USB 2.0 High speed port
  • Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi (1200 effective output)
  • Duty Cycle: Up to 10,000 pages per month
  • Paper Handling Input Standard :150-sheet input tray; priority feed slot


  • Faster printing speeds than inkjet printers.
  • Better quality text documents with crisp lines and sharp edges.
  • The toner cartridges have higher yield capacities compared to ink cartridges which means they last longer before needing replacement.


  • Laser printers are usually more expensive upfront than their inkjet counterparts.
  • If you want color prints then this isn’t the printer for you as it only prints in black and white.


If you’re looking for a reliable monochrome laser printer with fast print speeds that can handle medium volume workloads at an affordable price point ,the HP LaserJet Pro M15w would be ideal.Conversely if your needs require high-volume printing or colour outputs then consider other options available from HP’s range of multifunctional printers.

HP Laserjet 108w Single Function Monochrome Laser Wi-Fi Printer For Home/Office, Compact Design, Printing

Rs. 15,085
Rs. 12,299
as of July 13, 2024 12:09 pm


The HP Laserjet 136nw WiFi Printer is a versatile and reliable printer that offers printing, copying, and scanning capabilities. Its compact design makes it ideal for small office spaces or home offices where space is limited. With fast print speeds and network support, this printer is an excellent choice for those who need to produce high-quality documents quickly.


  • Type: Laser Printer
  • Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
  • Connectivity: Wireless (WiFi), USB 2.0 High-Speed, Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX Network Support.
  • Paper Handling Input Standard tray – Up to 150 sheets; Output Standard bin – Up to 100 sheets.
  • Duplex Printing: Manual Duplexing Supported.


  • Faster printing speed compared to inkjet printers.
  • Better quality of prints with sharper text and lines.
  • Laser toner cartridges last longer than ink cartridges making them more cost-effective in the long run.


  • Limited color options as laser printers typically only print black and white or grayscale images.
  • The initial purchase price of a laser printer can be higher than that of an inkjet model even though they are cheaper in the long term because you don’t have to replace costly jet cartridge frequently.


If you’re looking for a fast-printing solution with sharp text output producing clean pages then the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M136nw could be just what you need! Although its upfront costs may appear steep but it will save your money by reducing running costs over time. If you’re looking for a more affordable model, inkjet printers will be worth considering.

HP 720 WiFi Duplex Printer with Smart-Guided Button, Print, Scan, Copy and Wireless, Hi-Capacity Smart Tank with auto Ink and Paper Sensor; up to 12K Black or 8K Color Pages of Ink in The Box

Rs. 24,810
Rs. 19,999
as of July 13, 2024 12:09 pm


The HP Deskjet 2723 is an all-in-one printer that offers printing, scanning and copying functions. It comes with dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity which makes it convenient to connect wirelessly from your computer or mobile device. This printer has a simple setup smart app making it easy for users to operate and customize their print jobs.


  • All-in-One Printer: Print, Copy & Scan
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Simplesetup Smart App Support.
  • Ideal For Home Use.


  • The dual band WiFi feature provides efficient wireless connectivity.
  • This printer supports the latest Bluetooth technology enabling quick file transfers between devices
  • The Simple Setup Smart App allows users to manage prints effortlessly without any technical knowledge.


  • No Ethernet port available so wired connection not possible.
  • This model does not have automatic duplexing function hence manual intervention required every time you want double-sided documents printed out.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly multifunctional home printer that delivers high-quality prints at an affordable price point then the HP Deskjet 2723 could be what you need. With its Dual-Band WIFI and Bluetooth Connectivity features make this suitable even for modern-day usage purposes.

However, if you require more advanced functionalities such as wired networking or automatic duplexing then this may not be the best option for your needs but overall we recommend it due to its excellent performance in basic tasks of printing, scanning and copying while being user-friendly when operating through its SimpleSetup SmartApp support.

Brother DCP-B7535DW Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing & Wi-Fi (Toner Box Technology)

Rs. 24,090
Rs. 21,149
as of July 13, 2024 12:09 pm


The HP 720 WiFi Duplex Printer is a versatile printer that allows you to print, scan and copy documents with ease. It comes equipped with smart-guided buttons, wireless connectivity and hi-capacity smart tank technology. With the ability to hold up to 12K black or 8K color pages of ink in the box, this printer delivers high-quality prints at an affordable price.


  • Smart-guided button for easy operation
  • Wireless connectivity for printing from anywhere
  • Hi-Capacity Smart Tank Technology ensures efficient use of ink
  • Holds up to 12K black or 8K color pages of ink in the box.
  • Duplex printing feature saves time and reduces paper usage.
  • AUTO Ink & Paper Sensor avoid any inconvenience during work.


  • The printer has a compact design making it suitable for small office spaces.
  • The duplex printing feature helps save time by reducing manual intervention
    while also cutting down on paper wastage.
  • The Hi-Capacity Smart Tank Technology ensures that users can get more prints out of each cartridge without compromising on quality.
  • This model comes equipped with AUTO Ink & Paper Sensors which alerts when either one needs replacement thus saving unnecessary downtime.


  • No support provided for A3 size papers as it’s primarily targeted towards home/office desk usage only.. Also no support available through mobile devices like iOS /Android version yet but there are plans underway according to company officials.


The HP 720 WiFi Duplex Printer with Smart-Guided Button, Print, Scan, Copy and Wireless is a versatile option for those looking to print high-quality documents without breaking the bank. It comes equipped with smart-guided buttons that make operation easy while its wireless connectivity allows for printing from anywhere.

The Hi-Capacity Smart Tank Technology ensures efficient use of ink making it an economical choice. However, if you need larger paper sizes or mobile device support then this may not be the best fit for you.

HP Ink Advantage 6075 WiFi Colour Printer, Scanner and Copier for Home/Small Office, Dual Band WiFi, Duplex Printing (Automatic Double-Sided Print).

Rs. 13,214
Rs. 11,499
as of July 13, 2024 12:09 pm


The HP Smart Tank 589 is an all-in-one WiFi color printer that comes with a high page yield for black and color printing. It can print, scan, and copy documents making it ideal for both office and home use.


  • The maximum print speed is up to 22 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white.
  • The maximum print speed is up to 16 ppm in color.
  • The resolution of the scanned document is up to 1200 x 1200 dpi optical resolution.
  • This printer has two input trays: one for plain paper (up to A4 size) and another one for photo paper, envelopes or cardstock(up tp10x15cm).
  • You can connect your device(smartphone,laptop etc.) directly via wifi without any additional software installation required.


  • This printer has a very efficient ink system which reduces ink wastage by providing spill-free refillable bottles instead of cartridges.
  • This Printer gives you flexibility over choosing different types of papers according to your needs such as Photo Paper ,Glossy Paper or Matte Papers..etc .This feature makes this printer versatile compared other printers in same range.
  • This Printer provides wireless connectivity option so user does not need worry about wires tangling around desk space.
  • Due its low cost-per-page ratio,this would be more economical than using traditional cartridge-based printers if used at high volume.


  • If You are looking specifically only Black Printouts then there may cheaper alternatives available because this product’s strength lies on colour prints.
  • No automatic duplexing/Two sided printing is available.
  • Small Display Screen(2.4 inches) compared to other printers in same range.


The HP Smart Tank 589 All-in-one WiFi Color Printer is a great choice for both home and office use, with its efficient ink system that reduces ink wastage and provides high page yield at low cost-per-page ratio. It has wireless connectivity option which makes it easy to connect any device without additional software installation required.

However ,if you are looking specifically only Black Printouts then there may be cheaper alternatives available because this product’s strength lies on colour prints. It would have been better if automatic duplexing/Two-sided printing was also provided. Nevertheless, The HP Smart Tank 589 remains an excellent all-in-one printer worth considering..

Factors to consider before buying wifi printer for office use

Printing Needs

Consider your office’s printing needs before buying a wifi printer. Determine the type of documents you need to print and their frequency. This will help you choose a printer with suitable features such as speed, resolution, paper capacity, and duplexing capabilities.

Connectivity Options

A wireless or WIFI printer is an excellent choice for an office setting because it allows multiple users to connect without using any cables. However, check if the device has other connectivity options like Ethernet ports or USB connections in case there are network issues.

Brand Reputation

Research about different brands that offer wifi printers for offices. Consider reading reviews from previous buyers online on reputable websites such as Amazon and Best Buy. Look at how long they have been manufacturing these products and whether they provide sufficient customer support services in case something goes wrong.


The cost of purchasing a Wifi Printer varies depending on its features; some high-end models may come with additional functionalities that might not be necessary for your business operations. Settle for a product within your budget but ensure its quality matches what you require in terms of performance levels.

Maintenance Costs

Check maintenance costs associated with owning this equipment over time by looking into factors like ink cartridge replacements or toner cartridges’ prices based on usage rates per page printed. Evaluate all potential expenses involved after purchase to avoid surprises later on when repairing damaged parts due to wear-and-tear conditions

FAQs related to wifi printer for office use

What is a wifi printer?

A wifi printer is a type of printer that can connect to your wireless network and allow multiple devices to print wirelessly.

Why should I choose a wifi printer for my office use?

A wifi printer eliminates the need for cables and allows you to easily print from anywhere in your office without having to physically connect your device. It also makes it easier for multiple users to share one printer.

What are some features I should consider when choosing a wifi printer for my office?

You may want to look into factors such as printing speed, paper capacity, cost per page, automatic document feeder (ADF) capabilities, duplexing options (double-sided printing), and compatibility with mobile devices or cloud services.

Are there any security concerns with using a wifi printer in an office setting?

Yes, since the printers are connected via wireless networks they could be more susceptible to hackers. To minimize this risk make sure you set up secure passwords on both the router and the printers themselves.

Can all computers/devices within our company’s network access the same WiFi Printer?

Yes! Once connected with Wi-Fi network every computer/device gets access over shared WiFi Printer(s).

General Buying Guide: wifi printer for office use

1. Research and compare

Once you have a clear understanding of your requirements, research and compare different products within your chosen category. Look for expert reviews, user testimonials, and product specifications to get a comprehensive understanding of each option.

2. Quality and durability

Opt for a wifi printer for office use that is built with high-quality materials and designed to withstand regular use. A well-constructed product will not only provide better performance but also last longer, offering more value for your money.

3. Brand reputation

Choose a [Keyword] from a reputable brand with a proven track record for quality, reliability, and customer support. A reputable brand is more likely to offer reliable products and stand behind their offerings with a robust warranty or guarantee.

4. Features and functionality

Consider the range of features and functionalities offered by each wifi printer for office use and determine which ones are most important to you. Some features may be essential for your specific needs, while others might be nice-to-have but not necessarily critical.

5. Price and value for money

While it’s essential to find a wifi printer for office use that fits within your budget, don’t compromise on quality just to save a few dollars. Instead, focus on finding the best value for your money by selecting a product that offers the right balance of quality, features, and price.

6. Warranty and customer support

A good warranty can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment. Make sure to check the warranty terms and the level of customer support provided by the manufacturer. This information can be a good indicator of the company’s commitment to their products and customers.

Online buying safety tips

When purchasing products online, it’s essential to follow some safety tips to ensure a secure and satisfying shopping experience. Here are a few guidelines to help protect you and your personal information while shopping online.

Shop from reputable websites:

Stick to well-known and trustworthy websites for your online shopping. Look for indicators of legitimacy, such as secure connections (https://), contact information, and a history of positive customer reviews.

Research the seller

If you’re considering buying from an individual seller or a lesser-known website, research their reputation. Look for customer reviews, ratings, and any available information on their trustworthiness.

Check for a secure connection

When entering personal information or payment details, ensure that the website uses a secure connection (https://). A secure connection encrypts the data you provide, protecting it from potential hackers.


In conclusion, our curated list of the “Top wifi printer for office use Picks – Unbeatable Choices for 2023” showcases the very best options available in the market today. We hope our in-depth reviews and comparisons have provided you with the valuable information needed to make a confident and informed decision. You can buy from reputed Amazon store without any hesitation.


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