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avast-is-coupons-2015Computer users should invest in quality antivirus for maximum protection from viruses, spyware and malware. Avast 2015 is technologically advanced software that you can rely on for tablet and computer protection from all types of malicious programs. It is now the premium security suite of Avast with antivirus engine, browsing cleanup tool, browsing protection and firewall.

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What’s New in Avast 2015?


Avast home network security

It scans your local and home network for vulnerabilities by looking for weak passwords, router setting, connected devices and wifi status. It provides a new approach that tries to discover and solve potential problems which are not isolated in your device, entire network and internet connection.

It is very crucial since they are very many smart devices and high level connectivity that expose users to different security risks. It is designed to identify vulnerable home networks and keep users ahead and by eliminating holes that may be used by hackers. It comes with guidelines to let users fix vulnerabilities on their own to ensure full protection at all time.

Secure DNS

Avast 2015 features a secure DNS that protects you against hijacking. It features a new provider that safeguards you against unprotected DNS hijack on unsecured networks such as public connections and routers. It is supported by all the paid editions and versions of Avast antivirus as well as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Smart Scan and NG

Avast NG is virtual software that provides an isolated test space. It can run each window process in a standalone, fully integrated and safer virtualized environment. Every process is executed at a given instance of VM for total isolation from other applications. This powers Avast deep screen and improves it for better scanning and detection of unknown programs. Avast scan integrates on-demand scans such as antivirus, grime fighter, home network security and software updater into one. This allows a single scan to give different results and recommendations to enhance safety.

Avast web shield

The web shield in Avast 2015 features HTTPS-encrypted scanning that allows users to decrypt and design SSL or TLS protected traffic in your web content filtering component. It uses the original Avast certificate which is added to the Root certificate store for windows and major browsers. This feature protects your computer against viruses that may get their way through HTTPS traffic and improves the compatibility of your computer with SPDY, HTTPS and HTTP 2.0 traffic. In addition, it prevents websites from installing malware into your computer or tablet without your consent. It acts like a web shield by scanning all the encrypted HTTP traffic looking for any viral threat even in traffic protected by TLS or SSL.

Avast Grime fighter

The Grime fighter in now partially integrated with the Avast 2015 and includes in the smart scan. It offers a free tuning of vulnerable system systems and cleaning of junk files. Most of its tasks are performed by Torque and Zilch minions, which may perform additional functions with separate license or full version of the grime fighter.

Set up files for Avast 2015

There are two setup files for Avast 2015 product. One setup is designed for online installer, while the other is meant for standard installer. The online installer is a compact program with 5-MB file that downloads and installs the actual program components that you require. The process is speedy and depends on the quality and type of your internet connection. The standard installer contains all files that need quick installations on all program components. It features a size of about 100 MBs which is recommended for multiple installations. It allows the Avast 2015 download the latest updates of the components of your program.

Browser cleanup and PC optimization

Browser cleanup enables you to delete your browser history in order to delete cookies and content of the websites visited. PC optimization scans your computer registry and all the installed programs to identify programs that are likely to slow down the performance of your computer. The optimization tweaks the registry of your system to free more storage space in the hard disk.

Languages and platform

Avast 2015 comes in different languages and platforms including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The languages include Turkish, Swedish, Slovak, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Italian, Hungarian, German, French, Finnish, Estonian, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Catalan, Bulgarian, Arabic, English and Belarusian.

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