Is Bitcoin creating overnight millionaires?

Time and time again we tune into the news, aside from the usual world outcry we hear about, there is always one subject that peaks our interest more than any other subject. And of course that subject is Bitcoin. Extraordinarily, not many people claim to hear about Bitcoin or even know why it’s so important. Either these people were living inside a rock for the past 10 years, or they are ignorant to the changes that are going on in the world. This change is Bitcoin and how so many people are investing wads of their hard earned money into this commodity that isn’t visible. Now to understand the roar of investors and what they think Bitcoin can offer them, we must first understand why is Bitcoin so important. If you are the few that never heard about Bitcoin and don’t understand the hype that surrounds it well you aren’t a minority. There is still a large amount of people that have never heard of Bitcoin or haven’t gotten to investing their money yet. To make thing understandable and the most minimalist fashion for any reader that don’t want a full financial sheet. Bitcoin is like a Swiss bank in your pocket! So far, their are little taxes on Bitcoin and no bank control over the commodity. This means that you can make as many large, extravagant purchases without the bank slapping you with a warning. Accompany to this you won’t have to worry about paying any more taxes for a long time. How come? Bitcoin is untraceable each purchase is processed through this process called the BlockChain. A BlockChain is super complex data storages that have a certain algorithm that only a computer can figure out. So each time a purchase is made with a Bitcoin, it’s completely untraceable making governments taxes totally obsolete. Which is why governments are trying their best to battle Bitcoin and ban the uses of it. Like stated before, this is difficult ,because, it’s untraceable so the governments won’t be able to find whoever is using Bitcoin anyways. Now if this information hasn’t flickered on a light-bulb inside your head as of how this can create millionaires, stay ignorant. But if you now have a clear understanding as of how this can possibly be the online version of gold (but maybe better), you could be one of these millionaires. Yet there are still many doubts ,as their should be, about the legitimacy of it all. While it doesn’t hurt to be curious, taking the risk of investing in Bitcoin isn’t a waste of time by any means necessary. This could be the best risk you can take in this day-of-age. Why is it? Bitcoin isn’t necessarily stable but recently for the first time ever has bitcoin showed any correlation. After the Brexit voting Bitcoin rose nearly 16%, this voting correlated with the fear of people losing their money with the sudden British Pound drop. If you would’ve invested money for the UK to exit, you would’ve won big. But this isn’t all for Bitcoin, with the upcoming halving Bitcoin can surge above and beyond its all time high of 1,000$. And if this scenario does happen; we could see a influx of overnight billionaires.

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