How to share Videos secretly on YouTube and Vimeo

Video service companies provide a number of services for controlling and managing who can and cannot watch a specific video. However, these services are not always successful in securing your videos. For example, if you secure a video, with a password, your intended recipients might share the password with others.
Thus, you require a system where only the viewers you choose can watch the video, and those viewers can’t share it with others.
Have you ever wondered to share your private videos online privately on Vimeo and YouTube? If you had thought of it, then this article is for you. This article covers on how to share your videos with your friends privately on Vimeo and Youtube.

How to share videos privately on Vimeo

It is an online platform which is used for watching videos if you do not have an account. If you want to share any video, then it is necessary to make an account. Moreover, the poster of the video must follow you if you want to share the video.
If you have posted your video and you want to control its promotion setting, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

Sharing Your Videos Privately With Vimeo

  • If someone wants to share your video privately with Vimeo, then she or he needs the password to access.
  • For this, you have to make your video private. First, open the video settings and then go to privacy settings.
  • Now select the best option as per your need.
  • The next step is to share the video!

How to share videos privately on YouTube

YouTube is the most used and most popular online website that offers the service of posting as well watching videos online. This will work very easily and smoothly if all the intended viewers have Gmail Accounts and they are included in your Gmail contact list. Go through the following steps to control video promotion settings on YouTube.

Sharing your Videos Privately with YouTube

  • First of all, start uploading your private video to YouTube.
  • Click on Video Manager Button after completion of uploading the private video to YouTube.
  • You will see the following Privacy settings options as you click on the video manager.
    • Public: This option is the ‘default setting’ on your video by YouTube, which makes your video public.
    • Unlisted: With this option, you can hide the video from the YouTube internal search. The viewers can access your video only if they have the URL of your video. So, to access the video, you need to share the video link with your friends.
    • Private: This option is the best as it lets you to make your video completely private. You need to invite your friends with Google account when you select this option. In this way, your video can be accessed by the people who have been invited. However, make sure that they have the Google account to access the video.

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