Bing deindexed my website? How do I fix it?

Suddenly, I found that my website was not in the Bing index. I checked Bing Webmaster for any messages, but I didn’t find anything wrong. Then I emailed the webmaster support team to inquire as to why this was happening. They replied, “Please read the webmaster guidelines. Your site is in violation of the webmaster guidelines”.

I read through the webmaster guidelines and checked off each point to ensure that I wasn’t violating any of them. I have also sent the same screenshot to Bing and asked them if they could tell me some specific point that I am violating so that I can rectify that.

They responded by saying, “Please redesign your website, and the Bing crawler will automatically index the website if it is not in violation.” But again, they didn’t mention what the problem was with the design or which term I was violating.

I changed the theme of our WordPress website and am still waiting for Bing to crawl someday. Even after a year of waiting, our website is still not in Bing’s index.

If anyone is facing the same issue and has resolved it, please share your experience.

  1. It is a very common issue that started happening to many webmasters recently… Many of my friends also complained about this. There have been a lot of discussions about it on many forums as well… Even Search Engine Land shared an article (search on google) about the Bing deindexing issue…

    They say that it is due to Cloudflare, but seems like many people even without Cloudflare facing the exact same issue. The answer their support team gives is the same “Check webmaster Guidelines” even though there is nothing wrong with most of the deindexed sites…

    So it is clearly some kind of bug or a Poor update from Bing… Nothing you can do except waiting for them to either fix it or remove it from their “Spam” list manually… I don’t think it is your website’s issue unless you are copying content or something…

  2. I think Bing is only adding quality sites to its index. It is hard to guess what the quality criteria are. Actually, it helps Bing reduce the crawl expense, and for users, it will provide only quality results. According to my recent research, Bing has deindexed a large number of tech-related websites, particularly those that provide technical support. So the only way to stay indexed on Bing is to produce quality content. I thought the design issue was something strange. It would be better if you could provide the screenshot or the exact wording and website URL.

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