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Bullguard Mobile SecurityMobile malware is becoming more and more prevalent with each passing day, particularly with the rise in the use and incorporation of android technology into the mobile phones which allows the installed apps to interfere with normal functioning of the mobile sets. Bullguard mobile antivirus is the lifeline that keeps your mobile devices from going haywire.

BullGuard Mobile Security has been designed to detect all kinds of viruses and malwares that might attack your cell phone and to remove them. It can also erect firewalls around your cell phone portals so as to prevent the entry of any malicious data in your cell phone that might threaten the security of your cell phone. They do so by filtering the data entering your mobile phone and by making your device undiscoverable on the public networks. Spam filtering is another of the options available with BullGuard Mobile Security.

BullGuard Mobile Security also provides security in case your mobile phone gets stolen or is lost. By logging in to your online account, you can lock your mobile phone remotely. You can also remove all the data stored inside in such cases. You can also gain remote access to your mobile via the online account and can activate the GPS feature to locate your mobile phone and to recover it. Another feature allows you to sound the alarm system on your misplaced mobile phone even if the sounds have been muted. BullGuard Mobile Security also lets you make and elaborate back up of your data for emergency situations, for example, in case you accidently lose your contacts’ list.

Bullguard Mobile security

Parental controls are another of the amazing features of BullGuard Mobile Security. It also lets you filter the outgoing and incoming messages and to block the bothersome callers and messages. Regular security scans of your devices keep the bugs from taking control of your devices. It is a rapid process that debugs your devices within no time at all. Unlike other antiviruses, BullGuard Mobile Security does not interfere with the normal functions of your mobile phone and you can use your mobile even while your device is being scanned for threats.
BullGuard Mobile Security is pretty easy to install on your mobile phones. Step by step tutorials guide you all the way through the process.

• Excellent customer support
• Enhanced mobile security including anti-theft features and in-depth scans for viruses.
• Auto-updating
• Data back up
• Minimal additional battery usage
• Allows remote access to the mobile data

• Not all mobile phones support it
• Spam filter might delete useful emails too.

BullGuard Mobile Security has obvious advantages over other antiviruses due to its additional anti-theft support. All in all, it is a good choice for keeping your mobile devices safe and sound.

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