Kaspersky 2016 Coupon Codes and Review

Kaspersky 2016 provides top protection for your PCs. This suite is all comprehensive including antivirus, firewall, browsing protection, parental controls and more. Apart from virus and malware protection, the application provides safe use of the internet like filtering out unwanted content and credit card protection. Checkout below what is new in Kaspersky 2016 version.

Download Kaspersky 2016

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What’s New in Kaspersky 2016

Kaspersky 2016 is unique in the following ways

  • Private Browsing
  • System Changea Control feature
  • Remote Protection Management using Internet.
  • Anti banner feature to block advertisements.
  • System Watcher.
  • Enhanced Anti-Phishing.
  • Improved and better User Interface.
  • Improved security Notofication for Wi Fi, URL advisor, anti blocker, Parental control, Safe money and webcam protection.

Its internet control features private browsing which stops websites from tracking user’s activities. The control change system blocks out adware that tries to change your search pages or change your browser settings. The system alerts you of such attempts and you are able to block them. In addition, the safe mode greatly improved with enhancements on the firewall, trusted applications, and safe money for online transaction.

Compatibility Issue with Windows 10

As per kaspersky they have some limitations when users upgrade their older windows 7,8 to the latest Windows 10. Kaspersky 2016 version is not fully compatible with Windows 10. Read at Kaspersky’s Official website regarding this compatibility issue.
Kaspersky 2016 Compatibility with Windows 10.

Hopefully they have fix that issue. Here is another link how to upgrade Kaspersky for Windows 10 upgrade to upgrade your kaspersky software before upgrading to the Windows 10.

Download Kaspersky 2016

Download Kaspersky 2016 Trial.

Install, Upgrade and Renew Kaspersky 2016

How to install Kaspersky 2016.

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Kaspersky 2016 Review

Installing the product is easy and fast. After it checks for an existing version and updated you just click to install. It has an activation code or a 30 day trial period if you have not paid for it. The time it takes for full scanning has been tremendously shortened. The malware detection, elimination and deletion of the antivirus has been strengthened, it now recognizes most viruses out there.

From malware tests the 2016 Kaspersky offers up to 89% malware detection and 80 % elimination and deletion. This is a top score ahead of other antiviruses. Its malware blocking strength has been increased from the previous version. What Kaspersky 206 doe best is protection against phishing. It incorporates an empirical detection and analyses pages for signs of fraudulent activities in those sites that try to steal important information and credentials.

In the event that Kaspersky internet security 2016 slows down your computer or prevents the running of certain applications the user can pause the function of the antivirus or postpone the scan tasks. If you are not sure about a site or something like an unwanted advert pops up on the screen you can run a scan to keep your PC protected. The free tech support that Kaspersky has been offering for years still stands.

As time goes by, Kaspersky intends to improve its security services in order to provide its customers with a more resolute system of protection, particularly those with sensitive data and information.

Main Features of Kaspersky 2016

Kaspersky 2016 Download and Coupon Codes

Private browsing

Owners of websites usually collect your browsing history and create for you relevant ads that keep showing up on your open pages. The new Kaspersky 2016 enables you to prevent this nuisance by denying those sites from collecting your browsing information and personal information from your social media accounts.

System Changes Control

This is new feature in the Kaspersky 2016. Malware and adware can automatically change settings in your search engines. The changes can also be caused by add-ons on different software you install on your computer or unsafe scripts from websites. The system change control enables you to trace and block unwanted changes to the system settings.


This tool helps you block advertisement banners on websites and applications. These banners can be distractive to your work and also jam your network for no good.

System Watcher

This tool monitors action and performance of different applications in your computer and passes information on any suspected activities to real time protection for increased safety.


This component is not new in the Kaspersky 2016. Nevertheless it comes with improved enhancements that allow real time monitoring of local networks, security and the internet. The firewall then blocks the operations that might be harmful.


It is a new feature in the Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 that enables you to keep at bay all the junk mail. This tool sorts all incoming mail according to your settings and filters out those unwanted.

System requirements

For a successful installation, the computer must have 40 MB of disk space and internet connection for activation. The Pc needs a pointing device, internet explorer 8.0 and windows Installer 3.0. For proper installation on netbooks, the device must have an Intel Atom processor of a speed of 1.6 GHZ or more, video card Intel GMA950 and HD screen resolution.

The antivirus is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It functions well on a variety of operating systems including windows XP, windows vista, windows 7 starter, windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10.

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