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Daily use of our smartphone comes with a price that we don’t take quite serious. Whenever we download an app, surf the internet, or get on social media we are putting our phones in risk of potentially downloading a virus. Also, with the outstandingly large amount of apps we manage to download and websites we tend to surf we are adding space to our memory. With this added space, our smartphone’s performance will tend to slow down massively. But to our understanding, we expect that simply clearing up space will demolish all memory of previous apps. This is wrong. Apps tend to leave cache or files that will remain installed into your phone. These silent files that you won’t be able to find, can have a significant impact on your smartphones performance. The fact that we use our smartphones on a daily bases for a variety of reasons, is a much needed reason as to why we will need it running 100 percent all the time. In addition to that, But thank god! There is an amazing app and my personal favorite. 360 Security makes monitoring your security and optimizing your smartphone easy. You will have some of the best protection and privacy software in your smartphone without having to open the app everyday. In addition, the app constantly scans for any files that damage your performance. I honestly recommend this app for anyone that uses their smartphone everyday (which is 80% of America) to install this app you won’t regret it. And if you won’t believe this honest and unbiased review, you can ask over half a billion people that downloaded this app as to why it’s simply the greatest.

Cleaning your phone

We all love how a brand new smartphone performs. We also understand how overtime that your brand new smartphone becomes a glitchy slow performing mess overtime. This can be thank to junk files hiding deep into your system and memory that needs to be released. Now you might think this can be a long tedious task, no matter how complicated it sound it’s really easy to get rid of these issues, thanks to 360 Security. Once the app is installed, which takes nothing more than a couple minutes, (it isn’t a big file) 360 Security instantly scans your phone for junk files. Instantly without any other work, after a quick scan you can free up the storage in your phone. Depending on how much junk you actually have on your smartphone, will determine how long your first scan will take. In my personal experience no scan has ever taken more than 10 minutes to boost my speed. And the speed boost is extremely noticeable ,definitely for people who’s phone use to run a total of 3 mph on a “good day”. And keeping this fast paced speed is easy to do since 360 Security will warn you if you have to many junk files ,and there isn’t no limit to how many times you can clear your cache from your smartphone. So if you would like to constantly clear junk files from your phone every 10 minutes you can.

Securing your phone

Knowing that anyone that can get past your lock screen password will be able to roam about any of your pictures, social media accounts, or any other “private app” is scary. For example, lets say you lend your smartphone to a friend or family member who says they need to use your phone to make a call ,and you tell them not to look at anything on your phone. Well who will be stopping them from snooping around your phone when you’re not looking? This is where 360 Security will come into place. In short you will be able to have a specific pattern password for any app you would want. This adds another layer into your overall privacy ,and it’s so simple to set up. To set up a passcode just go into the Applock setting and you will be asked to draw your pattern. Then, you will be asked to choose which app you consider to be private enough to require a passcode: this can be any app whatsoever. Then once you draw your pattern, this pattern will be required every time you enter said protected apps. Although this is a great security feature, no security app will be complete without a way to track down your phone. Now lets go back to that same trusted family member or friend who might snoop around your phone, well more than likely if you won’t trust them with just using your phone you will guess that you will contemplate on relying on them to track your phone down. Luckily, 360 Security realized that anyone having the exact details of where your phone is located at is a security problem within itself. Working with Google, you will be able to connect your gmail account to your cellphone. And whenever your smartphone is missing, you will be able to ,for a short period of time, allow people to locate your phone via GPS. This is of course if they also have 360 Secuirty installed. But this doesn’t mean you will need a friend to track down your phone (this is just the quick convenient way as if you lost your phone in the club and want to track it down quickly) you can also track down your phone individually. With a simple login of findphone.360safe.com, you will than be asked to login with your corresponding Google account you listed as yours ,and you will have the exact pinpointed location of the whereabouts of your smartphone. Easy to use and helpful.

Protection from viruses

We often take the internet for granted. We have a tendency to underestimate the dangers that downloading an app can bring. We never hold into full account of how dangerous and mischievous some people can be on the internet. Protecting your phone from viruses is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 360 Security manages this in an amazingly easy way. All you will have to do is click on malware protection (which is ironically a demon Emoji) and your phone will be scanned for malware. This scan isn’t as fast as cleaning junk files ,but it won’t be something you put your phone down to. Including malware protection, you can have real-time scanning for payment apps whenever they’re opened, installed, or updated. And alike to memory cleaning, you will be able to scan for malware as many time as you want. But this won’t be needed since it automatically scans every new app you download.

Pros (Android):

360 Security offers some of the best privacy settings. Along with its outstanding Malware protection features, you will be able to increase the speed of your phone and free up memory. It’s well crafted and extremely easy to download and begin using it. Undoubtley, 360 Security is the greatest security app you can download if you’re an Android user.

Pros (iOS):

360 Security greatly differs from the Android version. Since Apple don’t want any other major software that can change the experience of how you use your smartphone, unless it’s cosigned by Apple themselves. Because of Apple’s strict rules on how the iPhone experience can go, 360 Security is a totally different app compared to the Android version. It has been watered down to being a battery saver. Factually, it is true that only 8% of malware is iOS related ,but you can easily be a part of that 8%. Nevertheless, the iPhone version of 360 Security isn’t anything more than a battery saver app. And aside from that, you have a pretty decent photo monitoring software that deletes duplicates. Even though it isn’t anything like the Android version, the battery software is amazing. It accurately tells you how much battery you have when using apps like taking photos, browsing the internet, and talking.

Cons (Android):

No back-up tools or web protection when browsing. Some updates can cause significant performance downgrades definitely true for older devices.

Cons (iOS):

It doesn’t have anything in common with the Android version which is disappointing.

Should you upgrade?

Yes, if you have an Android. You will treat yourself with a faster and more secure phone than ever before. No, if you have an iPhone it’s a great app but it isn’t something you can’t live without. And there are plenty of apps in the Apple store that does more than 360 Security does.

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