Windows 10
10 Essential Free Software / Apps for Windows 10 PC.

After installing an OS you must need to install some essential applications before start working on that. Since windows is the most used OS on the planet, ...

How To Speed Up Windows 10 To Make It Run Faster

Windows is still the most used operating system in the world. There may be lesser number of customers for the latest version, but still as an OS it is still at ...

Microsoft Working on Breakthrough Surface Phone

Microsoft is stopping at nothing to ensure that it carves a niche for itself in the gadget world just as it has done in the OS industry. In a bid to be a tech ...

Microsoft’s New gadgets – Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

In October 6th event Microsoft launches its Surface Book - New touch screen 13.5 inch Laptop and Surface Pro 4 an improved tablet of its predecessor Surface ...

Top 6 Windows 10 Tips a Beginner Must Know

Windows 10, the latest version of the popular operating system from Microsoft is here! Windows 10 comes with a great new set of features. With the changed UI ...

The Windows 10 Release Date, The Upgrade and The New Features

The Microsoft latest operating system, the much anticipated Windows 10 will be available for the download starting from July 29, 2015. This has been confirmed ...

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