Top 6 Windows 10 Tips a Beginner Must Know

Widnows 10 Tips and TricksWindows 10, the latest version of the popular operating system from Microsoft is here! Windows 10 comes with a great new set of features. With the changed UI and features settings, users might get confused with all the options. So here are 5 tips for beginners to make their computing experience with windows 10 easier.

1. Activate Cortana – The Virtual Assistant

Like Siri and Google now present in iOS and android respectively, Microsoft 10 arrives with a new digital assistant named Cortana. it will listen to your voice and recognize the commands and perform the desired action. But by default, Cortana digital assistant is not available or not active in Windows 10.
You can activate this feature by following the steps

  1. Go to search bar in taskbar.
  2. Select notebook icon.
  3. Go to settings
  4. Select enable the “Let Cortana respond when you say ‘Hey Cortana‘.

How to Activate Cortana

Your computer should have a working microphone.

2. Virtual Desktops to easily switch between multiple working environments.

Microsoft finally brings the outdated virtual desktop support in windows 10. This feature was available in other operating systems like Linux and OS X. Virtual desktop helps you to manage the applications and opened windows by clubbing them. It helps to create the different working environment on each desktop and can be easily switched. Only one of the virtual desktop will be active at a time and it provides a clean task view also. You can switch between these desktops easily just by pressing windows key + Tab.
To start with virtual desktop

Open the task view by selecting its icon or Hold windows key + Tab

Creating Virtual desktops to create multiple work environment

3. Improve battery life

Battery of your device can be improved by new battery saver feature available in Windows 10. It will suspend the background process and threads to limit power usage and thereby saving a greater amount of energy.
It can be enabled as follows

Start menu –> settings –> system –> Battery saver

Battery Saver Feature in Windows 10

If your windows 10 device is on charging you can not activate this feature, So you have to put your device on battery backup or switch off the charging to activate this feature. Click on the Battery saver settings for more battery saving options.

4. Install non-store apps in windows 10

Side loading of apps is another important feature available in windows 10 which allows you to install 3rd party applications. This feature is very relevant since there are lots of 3rd party applications available in the internet. But this feature is only available for developers. So you need to enable developer mode before installing 3rd party applications.

To enable developer mode:

Go to start menu –> settings –>update & security –> for developer and select developer mode

Enable side loading of apps:

Start menu –> settings –> update & Security –> for developers and select Sideload Apps

5. Manage notification and System sound

Notification and system sounds are used to give alert to the user about important actions to be performed. You have the facility to turn off notifications in windows 10.
Follow the instructions.

  1. Right click the speaker icon.
  2. Select ‘no sound’ option and press ok.

To disable all notification from apps:

  1. Start menu –> settings –> system notification
  2. Turn off app notification

6. Change the default install location

Windows 10 apps are metro theme apps which was introduced first in windows 8.
By default their install location is C drive. But windows 10 allow you to change the install location of apps.

  1. Start menu –> Settings –> System –> App and Features
  2. Select the desired app to move and select new location

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