10 Essential Free Software / Apps for Windows 10 PC.

After installing an OS you must need to install some essential applications before start working on that. Since windows is the most used OS on the planet, there are plenty of applications you can find online. Some are free and some are paid. Even though the OS is paid one, there are many applications available which are free. In fact you don’t have to pay a single penny to get the most essential applications. Below are some Free essential Software / apps you must download on Windows OS.

Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome

The primary function of a computer these days is to browse the internet. The inbuilt browser was internet explorer before. Now they have released a new browser called Edge, but it is more or less similar to the old internet explorer. Sadly, the internet explorer is not very impressive to browser around. So for smooth browsing, you can go with Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Both are great browsers and it is completely a personal choice to select which ever you want. No matter which one you choose, there are plenty of add-ons and plugins support for both of them.

Download Google Chrome

Download Firefox

VLC media player

The second most used function of a computer is for entertainment. You can’t possibly be browsing internet all the time. In my case, I watch a few of my favourite TV shows. So media player is one essential tool. VLC is good, or we can say it is the best because there is not a single file format which the VLC won’t support and other players can play. You can install additional codec packs also for better compatibility for all media format. VLC player comes with a lot of features. Make sure to play around in the settings and options to see what it can do.

Open office

Microsoft has its own office document software which we all know. The MS office is a great set of tools but it is a paid one. You can get almost all features of the MS office tools set in Open office too. Open office contains applications for opening all common office documents like word, spreadsheet, presentations etc. If you can’t afford MS office, give open office a go and you won’t be disappointed. There are two options for free version which are popular.

Download Free Open Office 

Download free Libre Office

Adobe Reader

PDF is the most popular file format across every platform. A PDF reader is a must have tool in every device, let it be a computer, smartphone or a tablet. In your windows PC, you can install the popular Adobe Reader. It is not very fast and attractive. The features are limited too. But one thing is sure that you won’t have any problems using PDF files in it. There are some alternatives like Nitro PDF which are paid ones. But for a normal user, Adobe Reader is good enough.

Avast Antivirus

Windows systems are vulnerable to many attacks. It’s not really a flaw in the OS, but most hackers are targeting Windows because it is widely used by average computer users. Avast has three different versions. The basic one is free, which is enough for an ordinary user. It provides all the basic security features which you would ever need. It is also a light weight application, so you won’t lose much of your processing power to Avast.

Malwarebytes Antimalware

Only antivirus is not enough these days for the protection of the PC. As malware are high on attack and antivirus are not able to fully block them, So we require an antimalware along with an antivirus. Malwarebytes is a popular and effective free anti malware software. Free version acts as an on demand scanner, but its paid version can let you protect from all real time threats.


One of the downsides of Windows OS is that it needs to be cleaned occasionally. I am not talking about physical cleaning and dust removal. What I mentioned is cleaning and removing all the junk files from the system. You could do this process manually by going into each folder where junk files are located and then delete all of them. But it would be better if there is a one click tool to do all that. CCleaner is one of the best for that purpose. You can remove all the junk files in one click.

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