How To Speed Up Windows 10 To Make It Run Faster

Windows is still the most used operating system in the world. There may be lesser number of customers for the latest version, but still as an OS it is still at top. A problem with windows that it can make your system slower eventually. You might have noticed decrease in performance after a few months of usage. Now how you can get the same performance without reinstalling windows. Fortunately a few optimizations to a few settings can bring back that performance you lost and make it to run faster again.

Disable unnecessary start up applications

Most of the daily use application will enable auto start on boot up option to load that software automatically whenever system is turned on. You might not notice this option is enabled unless you check for it. Hell, you won’t even notice that the application is starting automatically at system start up because most of them will be running in background. Starting many applications during boot will significantly reduce the boot time of your computer. To avoid this, you will have to disable those applications which are starting automatically. Don’t worry, you can always open these applications manually whenever we need. We are just disabling auto start. To do this, go to task manager and then go to “Start up” tab. There you can see all the apps that are loading at start up. Simply right click and disable those you don’t need.

Disable Startup Applications in Windows 10

Disable start up services

Not everything that are loading at start-up will not be visible in task manager. There are some things called services, which don’t have a user interface but will run in the background and consume your processing power. To disable this, press ‘Windows Key +R’ to open the Run box and type in “msconfig” and press enter. From the window you see now, go to ‘services’ tab. There you can see all the services loading at boot up. There is a small box below which says “Hide all Microsoft services”. Tick it and you can see the services. Now you have to go through everything listed there and find unwanted applications and disable it. If you don’t understand which service belongs to which application, simply google search that service name and you will find something.

Disable visual effects and animations

Visual effects and animations are no that necessary for your day to day computing activity. It just enhances the visual experience of your PC, that’s all. So if you disable all the animations and visual effects, you can achieve much better responsiveness. To do this, type in “sysdm.cpl” in the search box and press enter. You will see the system properties window. Go to the ‘advanced’ tab and then go to ‘settings’ listed under the performance section. Now you can see a lot of animations and effects your system is doing every time you use your PC. So just untick all the animations which you feel you don’t need. If you don’t want to do that manually, you can go for the option named as ‘Adjust for best performance’ and it will automatically adjust the settings to optimize performance.

Performance Boost in Windows 10

You can also change the windows animation in windows 10 from here. Settings -> Ease of Access -> Other options -> Play animations in Windows

Disable Animation in Windows 10

Remove unwanted programs

Even if you disable auto start at boot option, there will be some more lag if you keep a lot of applications installed in your system. So go to control panel and then go to Programs and features. There you can see ‘Uninstall a program’. Open it and you will get a list of programs. Find all those you need and remove the rest. This will improve not only your speed, but also will save some storage space for you.

Optimize your computer with a computer optimization software

CCleaner is a good system clean or system optimizer software to clean up all junk from your computer and give a boost to the performance of the system. Some other good software are also available like AVG PC Tune up, Revo Uninstaller etc.

Scan your computer with a good antimalware

Scanning your computer with a good antimalware program is a good idea, as some times malware affects the performance of the system without our knowledge. Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes are two great Free Antimalware to scan and remove any malware, trojan etc. These programs can also remove junk registry entries from the computer.

After doing all the optimizations listed here, do a restart to see the change in performance. Some of these settings don’t take effect until you reboot.

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