Non mobile friendly websites will be ranked down by Google

Mobile Friendly website as Google Ranking signalGoogle has let everyone know that if they do not offer consumers a website that is mobile friendly then it will rank all non-mobile friendly websites down. Worse still, Google may misconfigure the website leading to a further demotion in the site’s rankings. The plain truth is that Google has put mobile users above everyone else.

This means that unless your site is properly configured for mobile users, you will notice that consumers are going to stop visiting your site because they simply cannot find it because your site does not comply with Google’s mobile optimization requirements. As it is, it is hard to stay abreast with Google’s requirements. After Google announced that it prefers responsive design things have become a lot harder and people are left feeling very confused because of the contradictory nature of statements emanating from Google.

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Some people even believe that Google has not yet itself grasped exactly what it wants in regard to the mobile thing. Even though it has announced that websites now need to make use of responsive design, most websites including those that are making use of responsive design are facing problems such as slow loading times.

When a site loads slowly it has disastrous search engine optimization consequences and this in turn means your site will not be ranked high. Things have become even worse after Google decided to penalize sites, which loaded slowly. Looks like Google has made up its mind to put mobile users in front of everyone else and it is certainly not going to show any tolerance to sites that load slowly. So, how does this impact your business?

First of all, every website owner needs to understand that no visitor likes to wait more than five seconds for the site to load. In fact, approximately 71 percent of visitors also expect a web page to load almost immediately. Keeping this in mind a business needs to ensure that its website page loads in less than one second. Secondly, they need to make their website work faster. This can be achieved by cutting down requests as well as by reducing amount of data that is to be transferred. Thirdly, every business needs to ensure that their site is optimized for mobile users. This can be achieved by putting off the loading of JavaScript until the absolute last moment. Lastly, every business needs to make use of Google PageSpeed Insights to find out whether their site is experiencing any page loading problems.

At the same time, every business that wants their site to be ranked high must also makes sure that instead of loading videos (which are often not playable at all) they should make use of HTML5 standard tags. Furthermore, they should also not use any content format that is normally not supported by all the different kinds of mobile device.

If you are thinking about using interstitial pages to get more downloads, think again because Google frowns on this and if you are caught using this technique then it will demote your site’s rankings .As long as you do not make these basic mistakes, Google will refrain from lowering the ranking of your website.

Recent Update

In a recent update google clarify that the ranking will only effect in Mobile searches.

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  1. Does it only effect the searched on mobile device or for desktop searches as well. please explain.

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