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BullGuardIf you are looking for a credible antivirus program, the best one to have is a program called Bullguard Antivirus. This program is specifically designed to help make sure that your computer will be safe from any program or Malware that can prove to be a potential threat, just like a bulldog guarding the house of his master from unwelcome trespassers.

Download Bullguard

You can download the BullGuard trial to test this powerful antivirus. It is providing a long term trial as compared to other competitors. Internet security gives you 60 days trial to test it properly. Bullguard uses Bitdefender’s antivirus engine which is the strongest antivirus engine in the world.

Download Bullguard 2015 – 60 days Free trial

BullGuard Review

This antivirus has many unique features that makes it stand out among its peers. However, one of the thing it is known for is that it is very user friendly. Bullguard has a simple interface that even a person that is very new to using a computer can understand.

Another thing that Bullguard prides on is its Identity Protection feature. With this feature, all of the information that you encode which is considered to be very private and is needed to be hidden can be well protected. This is a great feature especially for those who usually input their passwords and bank accounts on their computer. This is because, there are people that are skillful enough to hack their way to your passwords. To download Bullguard 2014 will ensure that your private information is protected.

Bullguard is also providing Free cloud storage of 5GB that you can save your important documents, photos, Videos and other important data safe in case if there any hardware crash to your system or data destroyed by any unknown virus attack. Bullguard have passed many AV Tests and proved as one of the effective antivirus program.

Many people also call it as Bulldog antivirus because its logo is a picture of Bulldog. But this really protects your computer like a bulldog. Bullguard’s Customer service is also great and provide friendly technical support over phone, email, live chat and Remote session.

Bullguard Promos

Bullguard run many promotions on special occasions to promote its product. During this promotion bullguard offers upto 75% discount on its products. We try to bring you every single promotion here that you can buy in low and cheap price. So always checkout this page for running bullguard promos.

Bullguard Discount Promotion  (50% to 70% Off)

Bullguard Mobile security for android 35% Off


Download Bullguard uninstaller tool  : many a times you may need to uninstall the bullguard software then use only the bullguard removal tool to properly uninstall it from the system. Otherwise it may conflict with other security programs and can cause problem to your computer.

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