Reimage Repair – Is it legitimate?

People are very confused with the Reimage repair tool. Asking different questions like is it a virus? is it trusted? is it worth to buy? What it does? etc. So we decided to cover all the topics in this post.

What is Reimage repair

Reimage repair is a utility to fix computer issues. This program is developed by reimage. We found two websites related to this tool. The official website is Company also advertise it as a PC optimization tool to increase performance of the system.

What actually it fixes?

Apart from the registry fixes and system file fixes it can recover the OS files as well from its online database of 25000000 files. So this is one of a kind tool which can recover windows.

  • it can fix freezing, crashing , not responding type of windows errors.
  • it can fix Stop error screen or BSoD (Blue screen of death) Errors.
  • It can recover damaged DLL files and damaged to OS caused by virus attack.
  • It can easily recover to full OS by fixing corrupted critical files, corrupted registry or any Microsoft settings with its online database of 25,000,000 files.

So basically it looks a good tool with some unique features you will not found in any other PC repair or optimization tool. So why people are not trusted it or have so much doubt on its trust.

Is reimage legitimate?

In short and simple words the answer is ‘Yes’ it is legitimate. As per the test performed by many big testing companies they give it clean chit. there is not virus in it. The factor of trust is the another point which depends on the performance of the tool. How efficiently it is handling the issues, transparency in billing and quality of its customer support and technical support.

Now the another question is if it is legitimate then why many blogs writing about the removal of the reimage from the computer.

Why people are not trusting on it?

This is a major question actually that why people hate this tool? As per our research we found a few issues due to which people don’t trust this software.

We found that reimage is doing aggressive marketing and advertising. They approach some different kind of tactics to advertise their products which mostly an adware or fake software do. Thats why people seeing this tool in the pop up ads and redirect ads etc. So when people get annoyed by the repeated ads they find a way to remove those adware from their computer and searched with the terms like How do I remove reimage repair from my computer , How to delete reimage repair pop up ads, How to stop redirecting to reimage plus website and so on. Even the bloggers face the same kind of situations and write about the removal of the reimage repair.

People download tool by thinking that they can scan for free, But after free scanning it asks for a license key which looks like a fake antivirus or fake optimization tool. Though some other tools also do something same but due to aggressive marketing tactics people doubt on it.

Removal of reimage

When talking about removal of the reimage it is not hard to remove you can simply uninstall it from the add / remove programs. But I think people are actually talking about the adware which leads popup reimage ads or redirection to reimage website. To remove this adware or malware people need to scan their computer with a good adware removal tool or with a trusted antivirus.

Our review for reimage repair

In the end we can say that it is a legitimate tool free from malware. People hate it due to its aggressive marketing behaviors. About its effectiveness and working capability can only be evaluate by proper testing which we have not done yet. So before that we can not say anything about this tool. We will post the review after its proper testing. Meanwhile please post your views and experiences or any question in the comments section.


    • Tech support scam is at its peak these days. Be careful before paying anyone. Scammers are even charging on the name of big companies like Microsoft, Dell, HP etc. If you realized that you are a victim of tech support scam immediately call to your card issuer for a chargeback. And block the card as soon as possible.

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