IoT and the increasing risk to Cyber Security

Over the past decade, the human life is becoming more and more reliant on the use of the internet, be it for ordering a Pizza online or setting up a home automation system. While there are numerous positive aspects of shifting from the traditional ways of doing things to turning them into a more legit and automated way, there are also a wave of risks that come tied to this transition and is becoming the hindrance in the path of change.

Let’s go through the reasons as for WHY IoT is becoming a threat to the Cyber Security.

The Security Breach

Earlier, the only way a company could ensure their security was by making sure that the firewall implemented within the organization is strong enough to withstand any breach or at least notify their IT Managers about an eminent risk.

With IoT or the internet of things, the dimensions of a security breach have taken a different course. The fact that everything is connected from a wearable device to a car, the breaching process has become much easier. Imagine a person walking into to his office without knowing whether or not his phone or smart watch is breached. This puts the company’s security to a potential risk and the tracing of a breach much more complicated.

Being ahead in the Game

The traditional concept where an IT manager would look into a breach only after the issue had occurred has become void. With so many new ways of breaching a company’s security, organizations have become much vigilant and proactive. Hiring a team of profession hackers for a company’s cyber security is nothing new anymore.

Recently, Facebook had advertised a reward for someone who could point out a breach in their system. What other way would have been more ideal for finding out the risks to their system on a universal scale?

Manufacture Securely

As mentioned above, IoT has helped connect each and every device ranging for a smart watch to a coffee machine and the shower in your bathroom to your automobile and so on.

The best of ensuring that these devices are kept and used safely is to make sure that all these devices or products comply with the highest standards of security. This way the chances of a breach are minimized as well as the issue being monitored from the very basic level in the hierarchy.

Plucking the roots

Normally, when a company comes out of a potential attack to their security, they don’t bother assigned any further resources to the root cause of the issue. How the issue was caused? Why did it happen? How did it complete its course? What was the target?

All these questions need to be kept in mind right after catering for an issue. If a security breach is advertised properly, the risks and symptoms shed light upon, then companies and individuals would be vigilante in the future. Documenting a risk in detail cannot only help in resolving the same issue over and over again if it occurs, but it also opens up ways of predicting similar problems in the future.

Handpicking Hackers

Half of solution to a problem is when the problem is fully understood and discovered. What other way could be more effective than hiring the best hackers available in the market?

This might be a risky gamble, but that would ensure the safety of the system to its fullest. Moreover, a hacker would know exactly what approach another hacker took in order to access the system with illegal means.

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