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como-instant-app-makerThis is one of its kind service must have for every business owner to stand out these days. You Can create your own Mobile App instantly with this tool and can attract with its loyalty program feature. And it does not require any technical knowledge at all. Read more and give it a try today. 

Any business, whether small or big, put their most important clients- the customers, as the most vital part of their business. A company that takes utmost care in keeping their customers happy stands to gain great benefits from it, such as a growing base of repeat customers that prefer your brand name over the competition, a sense of loyalty and closeness that bridges the gap between small business and clients, and an excellent, free way to advertise your products and services through word of mouth. In this high-tech world, the popular forms of social media and apps can be accessed using a mobile phone or a tablet, and small businesses can also take advantage of this by creating their fan page, or an app that people can access anytime using an internet connection. See how this review offers a solution for small business owners to grow their company in profit and popularity:
como Features

Easy App Creation

Anyone can learn how to make apps, but Como does it in a way that is very intuitive and easy. You don’t need programming knowledge or need a degree in computer science to make an app. You can even start with a pre-selected themes of different designs and overall functionality, then go from there. Your online content will feel right at home when you choose from a wide variety of business themes that are appealing and equally easy to use. From there, you can customize your business app’s icon, its background and whole appearance to give it that unique brand look. Like what says, you don’t need advanced technical skills to create an effective business app that looks great and functions well.

You own brand and look

It is completely branded with your own brand and you can customize the look as per your brand.

Loyalty Program / Loyalty cards

You can create loyalty programs or Loyalty card to keep your customers forever.

In-App Coupon and Scratch Cards

You can give more rewards to your customer by providing them and Coupons and Scratch cards.

Profit Functionalities

A small business app has to encompass all its profit functionalities in order to make money, even in the online aspect. You may add in mobile commerce features such as a mobile catalog marketplace, and a system that lets your customers order food and reserve tables just with a press of their thumbs. If you wish, you can design and integrate online coupons that your customers can add in at the checkout counter to boost their savings. Loyalty programs and various other customer-centric tools give you the edge in providing excellent customer service.

Promotion and Sharing

Of course, what is an app if it doesn’t have a means to promote its content and share it to its followers and customers? A mobile catalog collection alone allows clients a sneak peek at what you are offering. Directions and maps to your brick-and-mortar store will make people finding your place a whole lot easier, effectively doubling your visit rate. An online menu provides users convenience and the ability to order food in advance. Special events can be announced via Push Notifications and provide real-time updates for your followers.

24/7 Control Panel Management

Access your local business app using a laptop or your tablet for fast and easy updates. You can create forms, reports and invitations using a template or creating one from your own ideas. Small business owners can test and preview their apps first before publishing it. When the app is out and live, owners can monitor the app’s activities using an advanced analytics system.

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