Must have apps for rooted android phones

The full potential of an android device is not unleashed if it is not rooted. Rooting is the process of unlocking an android phone to gain full system access. By gaining access, every system file can be modified according to the user’s wish. The main advantage of rooting is that your phone will be able to do a lot more when it has root access. Most people fear they will brick their device and low the warranty, thus they don’t root their phone. But the trend is changing these days. With all those tutorials and help guides available on the internet, more android users are willing to root their phone now. Root apps are those which require system access. They can do a lot better tasks than ordinary apps.

Xposed Framework

xposed framework

As the name indicates, it is a framework. Xposed framework comes with modules. These modules are the actual heroes. Once we install the framework, we will be able to install any module. The modules are nothing but apps which requires both root access and the Xposed framework. A huge number of modules are available today which can do a lot of customizations like basic lock screen changes to advanced hibernation tasks.

Gravity Box

Gravity box is one of the most popular Xposed module. It is meant to be used in stock factory operating systems which is close to the pure android OS. It is not recommended to use gravity box in heavily customised OS like MIUI, TouchWiz etc. In pure android device, the gravity box can a very large number of modifications. Some of them are lock screen changes, custom notification toggles, performance enhancements, power tweaks etc. The features list is so large that it can’t be posted here.



You might have seen a lot of battery saver apps in Google Play Store. Most of them just eats your battery away while claiming to be battery saver. Greenify is not really a battery saver app but it can save you a lot of battery if used properly. What it does is, it will put applications into hibernation mode. Once you put an app to hibernate, it will never launch on its own unless you manually open it. So greenify can keep the apps from wasting away your memory and thus save a little battery juice in the process.

AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus

The famous ad blocker plugin for your computer is here for your android too. It can work without root access too, but with root access, it will be a lot easier. Once you install and enable the app, AdBlock will block each and every ad you had to see on your phone. Not only browser pages, but also inbuilt ads inside apps and games will be blocked. Have an ad-free android experience with this app.

Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup

It’s a legendary app. Titanium back up is the most helpful root app for people who changes their ROM frequently. TBP will let you take back up of the entire applications installed in your phone along with the data of those apps. So once you move from one ROM to another, you can restore all your applications in just one click.

ROM Toolbox


ROM toolbox is a collection of useful tools. The various features included in this apps are: root file manager, font installer, script writer etc. Ever felt like changing the boot animation of your phone? ROM toolbox can do it. You just have to download the boot animation (or you can make one yourself) and set it via this tool.

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