How to Enable or Disable Pop-ups on Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Edge Browsers

What are pop-ups? Pop-ups are online advertisements or sponsored links that appear in a different window as you go from one page of the website to another or ...

How to Reset Internet Browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge

Internet Browsers are used to browse the internet on computer. Many a times we require to reset these browsers to their default factory settings. Read below ...

Download Vivaldi Browser – A Strong Alternative to Google Chrome

Vivaldi browser is different from Chromium based browsers in a lot of ways. For example, the interface is quite similar for other Chrome based browsers, but ...

How to Expunge a Crooked File Which Does Not Get Deleted In Windows

Deleting a file is a very simple process. All you have to is to select the file and press the delete button. However, sometimes windows cannot delete a ...

Top Expense Reporting Software of this year!

There are a few things small to midsize businesses (SMBs) can do if they find themselves in the red, other than winning a lottery, of course. One of the ways ...

Find Out How to Eradicate Virus from Computers (Desktop/Laptop)

If you observe any unusual activity occurring on your PC or laptop, it may be because of the existence of a virus/spyware. You might notice the slow execution, ...

How to turn Chrome into a language tutor

Learning a new language is something we all should try because it can prove to very beneficial for us. If you know more than 2 languages, there are a number of ...

How To Deactivate Adobe Flash, Reasons You Might To Know About Shockwave Flash

Adobe Flash is quite popular among hackers, because it has been an easy target for them to exploit. Moreover, the Flash player is the only reason behind ...

How to Increase the Speed of Your Processor by Overclocking

If you can’t afford the expense of new components for your computer, still you can boost the performance, without spending any money at all. The ...

Microsoft Working on Breakthrough Surface Phone

Microsoft is stopping at nothing to ensure that it carves a niche for itself in the gadget world just as it has done in the OS industry. In a bid to be a tech ...

Managing Your PDF Files Has Never Been This Easy!

A new collaboration between Dropbox, a file-storage site and Adobe that has taken place recently is well set to help individuals and companies that work ...

Virtual Reality is coming and it’s coming very fast

Virtual Reality is the hot new thing. Tech stories are crawling out of the woodwork about VR this and VR that. There’s all this talk about how it’s going to ...

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