Find Out How to Eradicate Virus from Computers (Desktop/Laptop)

image008If you observe any unusual activity occurring on your PC or laptop, it may be because of the existence of a virus/spyware. You might notice the slow execution, or unwanted pop ups disrupting your online activities. This is what a malware does to computer system. Viruses and malware can infect your computer in many ways. Let’s go through the basic steps for removing viruses.

Follow the above mentioned simple steps to clean up your PC after infection.

Step 1:

Install and Activate Prevention Oriented Security Softwares against Virus


Before you get anxious about the improper functioning of your computer, check for firewall settings and antispyware software. Install the best rated antivirus programs and run them after scanning your computer using their basic options. Here are step by step instructions on how to remove viruses.


Step 2:

Initiate The Operating System’s Safe Mode Version


Disconnect internet from your PC or laptop and restart it. As soon as anything appears on screen, press the key F8. The Advanced Boot Menu will be displayed. Select and enter the “safe mode with networking”. To open the Advanced Boot Menu in Windows 7 and 8, hold onto “shift” key after clicking on login screen.


 Step 3:

Expunge Nonpermanent Files

Go to the disk cleanup program from the system tools to select the temporary files to be deleted and click “OK”. Don’t think of it as a pivotal step, it will definitely help in the deletion of malware from your system.


Step 4:

Upload and Operate Malwarebytes


Apart from the antivirus softwares, you need to have an on-demand malware scanner in your computer system, like Malwarebytes. The advantage here is that the real-time security software is running in the background and in case it doesn’t detect anything such as viruses, spyware or even cookies then you can run an on-demand antimalware. Disconnect the internet and run the program as per the provided instructions. It would remove the malicious programs running aside; if not then it would crash under the counter attack by the malicious software. You will then have to reinstall the operating system. To avoid this situation, it’s better to copy the application of Malwarebytes in a USB from a non-infected computer and then run the USB drive in the infected computer, copy the application and scan the computer.


Step 5:

Use a Plug And Play Antivirus USB Stick


This method of removing virus from PC or laptop requires a bit of expense from your side. You will have to purchase a pre-installed anti-virus bootable USB stick and connect it on your infected computer for scanning and removing spyware and viruses . “FixMeStick” would serve the best for this purpose.




In the light of above mentioned steps, your pc should now be free of malware. Keep scanning your computer on and off regularly and make sure to change the passwords of your accounts and applications after running any antispyware program. Avert the fragile statistical files from getting damaged by taking effective on-going precautions.

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  1. Your PC should now be free of malware. But that may not free you from the after effects of the infection. You may find, for instance, that your web browser defaults to a weird search engine and has a home page you didn’t choose. You can solve this by following the steps in our ‘ How to remove unwanted web browser toolbars ‘ piece.

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