Download Vivaldi Browser – A Strong Alternative to Google Chrome

Vivaldi browser is different from Chromium based browsers in a lot of ways. For example, the interface is quite similar for other Chrome based browsers, but Vivaldi has a completely different interface. The modifications implemented have certainly raised the bar when compared with other browsers of the Chrome family. An eye catching menu is present at the top left and merging of the tab and title bar is conspicuous. There is also a panel on the side which can be manipulated using the show and hide buttons.

vivaldi is developed by the team who previously developed opera browser

The preferences include several interesting options, such as:

  • Show / hide the status bar.
  • Show / hide the tab bar and address bar and where to display it.
  • Select a theme based color for the interface.
  • Set a background image.

Download Vivaldi Browser

Download Vivaldi Browser

New Features:

1. Speed dials:

Vivaldi lets you add thumbnail speed dials and you can add as many of them as you want by using either the history or directly adding URLs to websites. Vivaldi resembles Opera in this regard as it lets you add your own thumbnails instead of making the choices for you on its own.
You can even add different folders containing numerous speed dials, classifying them categorically, as you like. The main difference lies while using them. You have to double click these thumbnails to open the URL. They won’t open with the traditional single click strategy anymore.

2. Docking Websites To The Panel:

Vivaldi offers a side panel which you can keep to the right or left of the main screen and use it to open a website concurrently alongside the one on the main tab. This helps you keep your eyes on multiple projects at the same time.

3. Tab Stacks:

Vivaldi allows you to stack tabs on top of each other. This function provides help to improve visibility while doing multiple tasks simultaneously and undoubtedly increases the functionality of the browser.

4. Tab Stack Tiles:

You can also make the Tab Stacks appear together in the form of tiles. This lets you view all the tabs at the same time. Following shortcuts can be used to change the appearance:

  • Ctrl-F7 tiles all tabs to a grid.
  • Ctrl-F8 tiles all tabs horizontally.
  • Ctrl-F9 tiles all tabs vertically.

5. Quick Commands:

Keyboard lovers can enjoy this new feature as it lets them access and navigate through multiple settings using their keyboards. Just hit F2 to look at the quick command interface which shows often used activities.

6. Interface Scaling:

This option lets you play with the sizing and placing of elements on the interface of the browser to your own accord.

7. Notes Feature:

Vivaldi offers an extensive Notes feature which lets you write and save small notes to the side of your screen or copy texts you want and paste them in notes section just by selecting the text and choosing the add to notes option from the right click menu.

Not only Vivaldi browser offers interesting and new features, but it also modifies features from other browsers and presents them in a more user friendly way. All in all it is the best browser for power users of the internet and provides extensive modern tools for studying and researching purposes.

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