How to effectively block ads on Android

A few number of advertisements here and there on the websites we visit won’t hurt us. But there are some sites which is filled with advertisements on the whole page that it is literally impossible to distinguish between the content we came for and the spammy ads that are displayed there. You might remember a bunch of download buttons on file sharing sites which all looks the same but you don’t know which one will actually trigger the file download. Using an ad block tool is the best and only way to escape from this mess. There are lots of browser plugins available for PC browsers. But for android, it gets a little tricky and the choices are limited too. We will explain which apps should you install and how to block ads on android smartphones. Below apps adblocking apps can help you in this.

Update: Now Adblock Plus has launched its new Adblock Browser for Android and iOS, Which is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Adblock Browser

As Google have removed all Ad blocking apps from its play store. The makers of Popular firefox plugin Adblock Plus and Adblock Plus app for Android have now introduced a new way with its Adblock Browser to get rid of unwanted ads on Android and iOS devices.

Download Adblock browser

Download Adblock browser

Adblock Plus App

Adblock Plus for Android

This one is a popular ad block plugin for Mozilla Firefox. Most of the Firefox users are using this plugin to block ads. It is also available for Android. Adblock Plus will work on both rooted and non rooted phones. Since google has blocked all ad blocking apps from google play store, you will have to install the application by downloading the APK file directly from the site. Before you install the app, you should first enable third party application installation in your phone. For this
Go to Settings -> Security and enable “Unknown sources” from there. This will allow you to install APK files

Steps to install Adblock Plus on rooted phones

How to setup AdBlock on rooted phone

The step is to download the AdblockPlus APK file from here Once you have downloaded the file, you can simply open the file and install it. Just follow the instructions on the screen to install. Adblock Plus will work on both rooted and non-rooted phones so it will ask for root access on start up for the first time if your phone is rooted. Simply grant access for the app and you are good to go.

Install and set up AdBlock Plus on non-rooted phones

How to setup AdBlock on non rooted phone

After installing, open the app. AdBlock will automatically choose a suitable subscription for you. You can change it manually if you want. However, the important step is to set proxy server. Assuming you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, simply go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and long press on the network you are connected now. Select ‘Modify network’ and tick the option ‘show advanced settings’. Now you can see ‘Proxy settings’. Select manual mode from there and set the proxy as “localhost”. You are good to go now.

Download Adblock Plus

Download Not Available

AdGuard for android (no root required)

Recently addguard released its latest version 2.6 for android devices. Adguard is one of the best adblocking software. And not just ad blocking it is more than that. Though it is paid but it is worth it. Give it a free trial. It is also available for PC for all browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera etc.

Download Adguard

Download Adguard

Download Adguard

Official Free License of Adguard Adblocking app

Now you can get a Free license for the Adguard officially. No crack, serial finder or activator needed. See the details here. Get Free Adguard License.

AdAway (For rooted phones only)

AdAway Android Adblocking App

AdAway is a good choice for rooted phones. This will not work in non-rooted phones so don’t bother trying. There is a file called “hosts” in your phone. It is also there in your computer too. AdAway will effectively modify this hosts file and redirect or block connections to the ad servers. When the connection to the server is blocked, then the ad could not load itself right. That is how this application works. The beauty is that ads will stop appearing from not only your browser, but also every other application in your phone. The games you installed will no longer display any ads and you can have a pleasant gaming experience. The app has option to enable certain IPs. So if you decide to let some ads to be shown, you can enable that too. You only have to set up the app once. After it has modified the hosts file, no further action is required.

Download AdAway

You can download AdAway from here

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