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shoeboxedIn today’s times, we can say people have come to appreciate the world more and have learned of many ways on how to care for it. One significant step an individual can take is going paperless, which you probably already practice with the bills and mails you get. However, those are not the only things which let you break-free from clutter. Come to think of it, these paper forms only go in about once a month. How about those receipts that you acquire regularly, if not everyday from purchases here and there of the things that you require? The items, products typically have business cards, confirmations and receipts that go along with it. It is surprising how even the smallest of paper or receipts, can become so massive and bulky when accumulated over time. What’s more is finding one right when you need it would be no different than trying to find a needle in a haystack!

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Features of

  • Accurate Scanning with verification from OCR and Human.
  • Shoeboxed receipt and mileage tracker free app can help you to track receipts on the go.
  • Magic Envelops with Free Shipping to convert your paper clutters into digital data.
  • Auto Import Receipts from Gmail and also have the facility to archive email receipts.
  • Make the online contacts list from the business cards.
  • Online receipt organization with online receipt images accepted by IRS & CRA, which help you to simplify taxation.
  • You Can create and send expense reports from anywhere with the receipt images.
  • Shoeboxed works with mostly all popular programs like Quickbooks, Xero, Outright, Evernote, Working Point, Bench, SkyClerk, Wave Accounting, Right Signature, Constant Contact,, teaspiller, ScanSnap, HP, Abbyy etc.

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Whether at home or at the office, or you currently have a home office, going paperless can greatly help in many different ways. Not only do you help save the world in your own way, but it brings about many benefits to yourself and to your business. You can better work in an orderly place. Order promotes efficiency and productivity at the same time, and being organized is actually one key to success! Shoeboxed is an innovative tool you can use to achieve this and make things a lot easier for you. It’s a perfect match to the busy, fast-paced lifestyle of the modern business owner. Here are ways on how help your business to go paperless:

Digital Data to Get Organized

Shoeboxed handles receipts, tax documents, expenses, and business cards. They transform them into digital data for better organization and management. Primarily, you can rest assured that they are set and archived altogether in a secure location. Receipts are not only scanned, extracted but precision is ensured by their human data verification procedure. You will end up with data that are well-organized and easily accessible and found whenever you require. Tax filing is simplified and comprehensive reports can be generated online. Piles of business cards are created into a valuable contact list rather than remain scattered or even get lost.

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Let You do Business On-the-go

The capability to capture receipt images anywhere you are, mileage tracking, and the ability to create reports right from your mobile device are quite helpful features presents you with. At the end of the day, you will have accomplished more through utilizing this option made available to you. Having their mobile app installed means you can do business wherever you go!

Everything Made Easy

Business processes can flow seamlessly with the need for manual entry eliminated and no problems arise such as missing receipts or reports. An impressive way on how help your business to go paperless is by means of their Magic Envelope. All that you have to do is fill it with your important paper clutter, then drop it in the mail. It’s prepaid, shipping is absolutely free both ways, and as its name implies, it works like magic! Life is made easier with the help of Shoeboxed and handling your business is definitely a lot better and more manageable.

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