Tools which can help you to create content for your blog or website

Tools which can help you in writing contentIt is not always easy to create content for your website. There are times that it will very well feel as if you are trying to sprint in the swamp. Even as a multitude of business elements and aspects are becoming automated, the creation of content remains an expressly manual task that or many is also quite daunting. With that being said, there are a number of available tools that will make creating content a lot easier for you. The following is a listing of resources and tools that will assist in helping you research, design, write and edit content with ease.

Google Drive Research Tool

Recently, Google has added a tool to Drive that is able to allow you to conduct Google searches without leaving the window. Go to your google drive and open a new Document or presentation. Simply click Tools from the menu bar and choose the option of Research from the menu.

This is a Google hack that is truly very handy. Basically, site:search allows for you to conduct a Google search that is limited to a particular site alone.


The free version of Evernote is a great tool for daily use. Its research notes and to-do lists and entire article chunks are great for writers. This has been repeatedly proven to be impeccably helpful to writers at every step of the writing and editing process.

Word2Clean HTML

If you enjoy drafting blog posts in programs such as Google Drive, Evernote or Microsoft Word as opposed to your content management system, this is a tool that will quickly become your best friend. This is because as you copy a document from Microsoft and paste it into your content management system, there are a number of minor yet weird formatting issues that arise.


There has yet to be a right answer for just how long a blog post should actually be. As long as the content serves a purpose, the length is of no consequence. WordCount is able to work just as one would expect it to………paste your document and it will spit back out the precise word count.

Correctica and Grammerly

Editors that are human are able to catch the majority of grammatical errors, but editing tools that include Correctica and Grammerly are essential for triple checking your work. Both of these tools are free and they are able to thoroughly check for grammatical error and Grammerly will even check your work for plagiarism.

The Hemmingway App

This is an application that is able to assess you writing and identify opportunities for simplicity once your work has been pasted into it. This app also include some impressive features such as identifying passive voice as well as difficult to read sentences. Go to Hemingwayapp

Headline Analyzer

What most do not know is that only 62% of people state that they click onto an article they read past its headline. Moreover, it is the headline that will consistently compel readers to keep reading. This statistic makes it more than worth it to spend a few extra minutes and utilize Headline Analyzer. This free tool is able to score your headline quality while rating it as to its ability to drive SEO value, traffic and social shares.

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