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Trend Micro download and couponsTrend Micro is one of the prominent Security Software companies based in Tokyo, Japan. It has several products in the market designed and developed for different users. The popularity in some of its products sees it compete with some of the other significant companies like Kaspersky, MacAfee, and Comodo group among others.

Trend Micro has developed several software security programs that have gained quite a lot of popularity with the people. Some of these products include the following:

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Titanium Internet Security

This is one of the latest products. Just like other anti-virus software, Titanium Internet Security does a great job of eliminating spyware and other threats like hackers, Trojan horses and worms. It however comes with an entirely new concept that makes it especially effective. In addition to using the traditional signature-based security; it also makes use of the web to gather information about the latest viruses. These viruses are then identified and eradicated, and other computers and gadgets protected by the anti-virus updated. The anti-virus is also easy to use and customizable as it comes with a simple interface. For personalization, users can change the program’s skin to a photo of their choice.. It is designed to protect you from Internet threats as well

Titanium Maximum Security

It includes Trend Micro Online Guardian to protects you kids from Online social network threats.

Online SafeSync to save your files online in the cloud which includes free 5 GB space you can access your files on mobile or computer or anywhere.

DirectPass feature to manage and store your online passwords in easy way.

Remote Lock to lock or remove your sensitive data on computer in case of theft and lost.

It can protect your all devices PC with windows 8 support, Mac, iPad or Android.


Trend Micro Android Security

Trend Micro has also launched its product to protect your android devices.

Worry-Free Business Security

This is one of the Trend Micro products designed specifically for business use. This software is developed to ensure maximum security for business documents and information stored in the cloud, on the computer or on mobile devices and gadgets like smart phones and tablets.

To ensure convenience and user-friendliness, it comes with a simple and easily customizable interface that requires very little effort from the user. This allows maximum attention to business matters. Furthermore, it also comes with a security system that protects against access of business files via email and/or USB.

It also relies partly on cloud connection to better protect the users against spyware and other malware. As such, it is able to protect against more viruses, enabling development is information is gathered and analyzed by the company and solutions provided. It also regulates access to the internet, blocking irrelevant websites and stopping spam before it hits the email’s spam box.


This is one of the free anti-virus programs provided by Trend Micro. It primarily scans the computer and other devices for viruses and heals them. In addition to this, it also gathers information about the virus and fixes the faults in the different gadgets to prevent future infection. It also protects the gadgets against other malware like Trojan horses and hackers.

Furthermore, despite the fact that it is a free program, it is very flexible and diverse as it is compatible with a wide range of Oss including: Windows XP (home and professional; 32-bit), Windows 7 and Windows Vista (ultimate, home basic, home premium, business). For surfing, it is also compatible with all browsers, making it quite convenient. Users can perform any level of scan, including full scan, quick scan and custom scan.


Trend Micro has so far released several products in the market targeting diverse users. It is also furthering development of some products like House Call launched in the past to make them better and more effective. Users can thus expect significant development as time goes by.

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