MacBook Pro Touch Bar is it worth it?

Apple recently released their newest MacBook Pro and reviews have been varied. Some people think that this is a step backward while others say otherwise. The harsh criticisms vary from the hardware, Touch Bar, and removal of several key ports. Also, the entry-level $1,799.00 starting point for the 13-inch model might add to the critics. This doesn’t do Apple any justice since earlier this year at WWDC16 Apple promised to lower their prices.

What to expect Performance Wise?

With a 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor the MacBook run moderately smooth. The MacBook also sports AMD’s newest Radeon Pro 400. Apple claims that this laptop is the fastest and most powerful laptop you can get in today’s market. However, after some research, I figured that not only is this not the fastest laptop but it’s actually quite slow. In comparison to any other Windows Surface Book, you will discover that Apple’s graphics card doesn’t meet the Surface Book standard. With a little bit of research, you will discover numerous 15-inch Windows laptop at the price point of $1,400 and higher with similar or better specs than the MacBook. Which totally UN-justify the entry level $2,399.00 MacBook 15-inch model. The graphics card on the MacBook Pro is comparable to older Radeon graphics cards from 2012. This is unacceptable for any laptop created in 2016; 4 years in technology is really outdated. However, Apple stated that this is made specifically for designers, photographers, and filmmakers. This statement is true for all of Apple gadgets they never dived deep into gaming or benchmarking, but this still doesn’t justify the crappy graphics card. If you’re looking for an amazing performance laptop you’re better off getting a Surface Book.

Software and Touch ID

If you’re not a filmmaker, artist, or photographer you won’t find any real use for the Touch Bar. This isn’t bad because it’s super responsive and gets the job done and you get a cool little fingerprint ID security. The Touch bar is located at the upper portion of the laptop and replaces the upper keys wereused to like Escape, brightness, and volume. It’s still there but now its digital. You can scroll left and right to see every key and when typing the Touch Bar becomes a emoji board. It’s simple and intuitive but if you’re not an artist, cinematographer, or photographer you will question why you have it: except for it looking good. The Touch ID shines when it’s being incorporated in crafting designs. There are many colorful options and thanks to apps partnership. You can scroll through time points in your videos and select them using the Touch Bar. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can then navigate between color contrast, brightness, and filters in your videos using the Touch ID. There is much more you can use the Touch ID for when it comes in terms of creating videos but I’ll leave that as that. Then, there is photo creation but it’s similar to video creation minus the moving pictures.


The MacBook is great for those who like to create and design, however, if you’re looking for a high-performance laptop you’re better off with a Surface Book. If it’s worth the money, depends on your style of laptops and brand loyalty. Ignoring the high price point, it’s a definite buy for designers and creators alike.

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