Is Dubai world central the next Silicon valley?

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Silicon Valley in the United States is known for its many startups and technological advance lifestyle that people live. Among the many companies that we know and love that originated from there like Microsoft, Apple, and AMD, Silicon Valley has been synonymous with the concept of a technologically advanced city. Since this is true, every technologically advanced city with many startups is perceived as the “Silicon Valley of …”. This proves the power and advancements the revolutionary Silicon Valley presented. Also, the companies that were built around Silicon Valley like Microsoft and Apple, has proved to be helpful with the United States economy. Not only that, it shows that any country that has a city similar to Silicon Valley will produce significant improvements not only to its economy but towards its people as well. With this stated, Dubai has joined the many countries entering this technology boom.

How will it work?

Dubai world central Business park is placed strategically in the city. This allows companies to buy and use these buildings as their headquarters. Even though they are leaning on more technology based companies, these buildings can be used for a variety of different companies. However the creators of this place will prefer for the buildings to be used for the headquarters of big technology giants of Dubai. Not only will this be the place of innovation and long-term growth but hopefully ,if everything goes to plan, this will let people take Dubai more serious in the tech world. And whom it might be who buys any piece of this land for their company’s headquarters, will have a lot of room to expand. Also, this can help keep Dubai’s economy steady ,so they won’t have to solely rely on tourism and oil forever. The amazing strides that this plans to take is outstanding and once Dubai have their own tech hub of the world. It will no doubt be a force to be reckon with. And the Dubai government is pushing on this area hard, not only will you have freedom and large amount of land, you will also enjoy the luxury of operating tax-free. One problem is there isn’t as many start-ups in Dubai, everyone seems to be interested in oil and luxury services. Dubai is trying to counter this by placing more universities and classes specializing in computer science and information technology.

Will it work?

More than likely this will succeed. On one occasion only, if the culture of flashiness and oil change overall. Right now that is the hype in Dubai and many Dubai residents want to live in the fast-lane. Unlike the sanitized and critical thinking lifestyle that is needed in a profession like Information technology and computer science, most of Dubai residents are the exact opposite. Nevertheless, this is a great project for Dubai and continuous building and crafting could lead to long-term economic growth in the technology portion of Dubai.

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