Are You Owner Of An iPhone? Secure It This Way!

Secure your iPhoneIf you’re a proud owner of an iPhone, then you may consider securing it from thefts and misuse in a number of ways! After all it is not an ordinary phone that you’re using and you may as well considering taking an extra step to protect it from untoward incidents. Given below are some ways you can consider trying out while protecting your ever precious iPhone:

1] Passcode

Employing a passcode to on your iPhone is one of the best ways to secure it. For iOS 9 you have an option to select a 6-digit passcode to secure your phone. To exercise this option you need to go to ‘settings’ and then select ‘Touch ID & Passcode’. Once there, tap onto ‘Turn Passcode on’ and enter a code of your choice. If you want to increase your passcode’s strength then you may as well consider using a numeric passcode or an alphanumeric passcode containing more than 6 digits.

2] Lock your iPhone sooner

There is an option in your iPhone to lock it after a certain time interval. The setting for this option is available when you click on ‘Touch Id & Passcode’ within ‘settings’ option. In order to secure your iPhone completely, it is advisable to set the lock ‘immediately’. When you set your iPhone to this option, you’re making sure that outsiders will not be able to access your device even if you were to leave it for a brief moment!

3] Disable your lock screen

Even a super-strong passcode may not help much in securing your phone from a nefarious person as there is always a way to get into your iPhone through the lock screen. Therefore, to keep these possibilities away, it is better to disable Siri as only then you can be sure that your information is not revealed to anyone else. How do you disable your lock screen? Just tap into the ‘Touch Id & Passcode’ option within ‘settings’ section and toggle the slider to make sure you’ve disabled your lock screen.

4] Activate Find My iPhone option

You should always make it a point to activate Find My iPhone option to ensure you’re able to locate it easily just in case you lose it. While activating this option will not add inconvenience to your daily experience of using your iPhone, it will ensure you’re able to track the lost device through a computer or another iOS device. Even if you’re not able to track your device using this option, do not fret. It will still be useful to you in that it will lock your device and ensure your data is removed from the phone remotely.

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