This Is What You Can Expect With Adobe Post For iPhone

Adobe Post iPhoneAdobe has come into the ‘social graphics’ market with the release of Adobe Post, an app that is totally different from ‘storytelling’ apps like Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice. By entering into this market, Adobe Post competes directly with other apps like Fontspiration, Typorama, Wordswap, FontCandy, Canva, Text on Photos and Videos and many others. However, the sad part is that Adobe Post is currently available for iPhone, unlike those apps that are exclusively available only for iPad.

Many Ways to Use it

Interestingly, Adobe Post can serve the needs of both businesses as well individuals in different ways. For example, businesses can use Adobe Post to marketing graphics that are social media-friendly to help expand on their customer base and attract more clients. Similarly, individuals can use this feature to glorify their posts across social media. May be they can use it to highlight ‘we are having fun tonight’ kind of message with a link!

Beautiful Design and Easy to Use

Adobe Post is different to other apps in its category in that it is easy to use and is beautifully designed. Each of the themes you’ll find on Adobe Post comes with a text and photo on which filters, type treatments and typefaces can be applied. As a user of Adobe Post you’re also free to choose any image from any source. The app will get it converted into 1:1 aspect ratio automatically. However, you can still choose the area that needs to be highlighted. 42 initial designs are available currently through Adobe Post, more like repins on Pinterest. However, more designs are expected to join the existing ones in the coming days.


The beautiful and most interesting aspect with Adobe Post is its ability to alter the text’s layout as and when a user reshapes/resizes or changes the font and also its knack of pulling out different background color options and coordinating palettes for a given photo. Adobe Post is remarkable in that it chooses a design it thinks best suits the photo it is provided with. However, a user will always have an option to apply another design.


There are quite a few type options available with Adobe Post, including a variety of background and foreground colors with opacity, background shapes, different font selections, and social icons for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, alignment and spacing. The sad part, however, is that the user cannot change the letter spacing or independently change the size of texts from the background. However, it is quite nice to have plenty of options in fonts.

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