How Virtual Reality is influencing our lives?

Virtual Reality or VR has been around us since several decades, if not in a physical form at least it existed in the form of a thought or an idea. Imagine how many times you must have felt the need for being the character in a video game or a movie start in movie? Well, all that can now be done, all thanks to Virtual Reality.

Technology is changing our lives in a way that has never been changed in the past. One such technology is Virtual Reality, which has an impact on almost every context of a human life. Let’s dig deeper into how VR is changing our lives.


Virtual Reality has become one of the most crucial tools that are being used in modern medical practices. The use of extremely expensive machinery can be over-ridden with the use of VR. With the help of Virtual Reality, doctors now have the ability to simulate a surgery and make sure that they are carrying out the process in the most secure and efficient manner.

A recent example is that of a doctor who practiced a baby’s heart by uploading scanned images of a baby’s heart and investigated it with the help of a VR head-set. This helped the doctor plan the surgery ahead of time and ended up saving the life of the baby patient.

Security Forces

Army is one of the departments that have embraced the use of Virtual Reality for the purpose of conducting training and simulations. Soldiers often underestimate or overestimate their strength and power in the field of fire, which is critical to their health and physique.

Air force has pivoted their aim towards the use of Virtual Reality in order to train pilots; this has greatly lowered the chance of any mishap and can put the soldier in a tough situation without compromising on expensive machinery.


It is true that the best education is the education that can be provided in practical manner, what other way could be more effective than the use of Virtual Reality in order to provide students the proper education.

Google contributed towards this by floating over 100,000 virtual reality headsets to schools. This can broaden the horizon and motivate kids to do something more interesting in future or experience the profession they want to achieve in the future.


User experience is a crucial part of the gaming world, although games have grown to become richly enhanced with the use of good graphics. However, there is still a lot of space for improvement that virtual reality is catering for.

Virtual Reality has helped add a feeling to the gaming world by putting the user in a real situation. This has made the gaming world not only more fun, but has also added a user experience like none other.

According to Maria Korolov, a tech journalist, “When I showed a shark simulation to people and they screamed, I laughed because, “Ha ha, they’re not real.” Then I put it on and the shark came at me and I screamed, because it’s a physical reaction.”

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