Want more Power in Your Surface Book?

The Surface Book is getting an upgrade that we didn’t know we were waiting on. With that being said, we can agree that the Microsoft surface is powerful. The specs on the base machine are incredible. Microsoft hit the nail right on the head with this product. Their competition is Apple and by god aren’t they competing. However, maybe you want a little more ‘OOMF’ to go with your highly advanced Surface Book? The meaning of the ‘OOMF’ is double the graphics power and battery life compacted with what made us love the original Surface Book. This is conveniently named the Microsoft Surface Book Performance Base and the name perfectly describes the agenda Microsoft established for this product.

Why might you need extra power?

Obviously if you’re a gamer or an extremely busy person with a start-up that juggles 5 social media networks,or you run a massive cloud-based communication platform that takes so much traffic going through your computer that you might need a bit extra ram. The performance base comes with a 960M GPU with a 2GB NVidia GTX 965M. It’s a bummer that you spend nearly double the amount of money and the baseline GB is 2 instead of 4 but that is just a minor flaw. In relation to cost, this will set your pockets back $2,399 for the base model. Let’s be realistic here if you have over $2,000 to splurge on a high-performance laptop, by nature you don’t care too much for the price. In reality, you want the full PC experience, good gaming laptop, and extra battery life.

Gamers Paradise?

Gamers might find this laptop specifically crafted for them. This laptop has enough ram power to run the most graphically powerful videos games out there. While not the best in contrast to RazerBlade or Alienware, it’s good enough for loyal Microsoft users. This loyalty must run deep for the fully equipped model that’s $3,299. Yeah, we know you’re not worried about the price you just want to play high-end games. By high-end we don’t mean petty desktop games that were once popular mobile apps from the early 2010’s, we mean AAA title games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield. To an extent, Performance Base runs these games pretty damn well for the most part. You might not be able to play on maxed out setting with no lag, but you will be getting your money’s worth: when comparing it to other thin laptops *cough MacBook*. However, that’s actually the major con with Performance Base it’s only worth the price when comparing it to the MacBook. In comparison to other gaming laptops, you will probably get a better bang for your buck with them.

Is Microsoft Performance Base worth it?

Overall Microsoft Performance Base is a great extension to the Surface Book brand. Your buying decisions should be for a more powerful laptop with more battery life. Sorry to say it, but if you’re a hardcore gamer looking for the perfect gaming laptop this just isn’t the one. However, if you’re looking for an overall high-performance laptop with extra battery life and casual gaming Microsoft Book Performance Base is the perfect buy for you.

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