Microsoft Surface 2 Vs Microsoft Surface 3

Surface 2 Vs Surface 3Microsoft marketed surface pro 2 as the tablet that has it all but apparently that wasn’t quite true given the big leap forwards of the windows have actually launched surface pro 3. Although everyone anticipated that Microsoft will actually avail a smaller surface, they actually went in to the other direction in favor of a larger surface pro 3. Microsoft claim that this tablet can actually replace your laptop and give you more amazing additional features that your laptop cannot provide. So is the newly launched surface pro 3 better than the current surface pro 2 and if yes, what are the additional features that make surface pro 3 better? Below is a comparison of Microsoft surface 2 Vs Microsoft surface 3.

1. The screen.

The screen of Microsoft pro 3 is larger than previous model. It comprises of a 12 inch diagonal clear full high definition screen resolution that abandons previous aspect ratio of 16:9 of surface pro 2 for a more unique 3:2 aspect ratio. This actually marks an increase in screen size as compared to 10.6 inch screen of surface pro 2. But it is not just the screen size that make surface pro 3 to stand out. This tablet also packs 2160 by 1440p compared the 1920 by 1080p of surface pro 2. This means that users will get to enjoy highest contrast ratio that the electronic industry has to offer.

2. The design.

Although Microsoft surface pro 3 is larger that it predecessor, it is actually thinner and lighter. The surface pro 3 weigh just 800g, lighter than its predecessor even though it has a larger screen. However, unlike surface pro 2, the surface pro 3 doesn’t fit well in tight spaces such as small tray tables on planes and trains.

3. High quality speakers.

Speaker are often neglected in tablets and laptop probably under the notion that they are never going to sound good but that is not the case with surface pro 3. Microsoft has made major improvement in speaker quality of surface pro 3. It is 45% louder than its predecessor. The speaker are located in front to enable the user to experience quality sound.

4. Better battery life.

One of the most significant improvement that Microsoft has made in surface pro 3 is its battery life. According to Microsoft, surface pro 3 offer up to 20% better stamina than any table available to date. However, a test that was conducted to test battery durability of surface pro 2 to that of pro 3 found out that pro 2 battery actually last 10 minutes longer than pro 3. However, there is no reason get upset about this result because surface pro 3 as more additional features that consumer more power.

5. Surface pro 3 is more powerful.

Although both surface pro 2 and 3 uses the same generation of processors- the haswell processors, surface pro 3 has core i7 CPU which is more powerful than that of pro 2 which uses Intel core i5-4200 chip.

What has remain the same?

Tech improvement and size changes aside, most of the core ideas of surface pro 3 has actually been borrowed from surface pro 2. In addition both of them have an integrated kickstand and an active pen stylus.

So which one is better.

From the above review, there is no doubt that Microsoft surface pro 3 has amazing additional features that makes it stand out from its predecessor Microsoft surface pro 2.

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