A Revolution Called YouTube Music App

YouTube RedYouTube has always been a favorite online hangout place for music and video lovers. However, the experience with the service provider has not been great, especially with devices like mobiles. Almost all mobile users have, at one point in time or other, have complained of having their playback paused when they turned off their phone or changed apps. To help with these problems, Google has come out with an app for Android and iOS users called YouTube Music. This App is special in that it allows users to organize all possible versions of videos and music at one place.

YouTube Red

The first thing you notice on your device after downloading YouTube Music app is the free subscription of YouTube Red, a paid subscription that was recently introduced to enable you enjoy all the services of YouTube without any interruptions for ads. The best part is that you will get this premium service free of cost for the first two weeks after downloading the app.

Search based on music

When you fire up the YouTube Music app and have gone through the subscription thing, you’ll be taken to the search bar where you’ll see all the search results based on music alone. The concept behind creating such a bar is to enable every listener to enjoy music without any interruption. So using this search bar it is possible for a user to create radio stations based on tracks, bands and genres and also keep a track of their previous searches.

Audio-only mode

The best part with YouTube Music app is that it lets you do what you want to do with it. Whether you want to listen only to a stream of music or watch videos, choice is entirely yours.

YouTube Music Today

To provide a ‘lean back’ listening and watching experience, the app has a separate section called YouTube Music Today that will help you organize all your playlists based on popular music, genre, trending albums and songs, videos and many more.

Then there’s another section called The Daily 40 that provides you a more personalized approach. This is the section that keeps rotating top 40 songs YouTube thinks you should be listening to.

YouTube Music app also has something for users that are active across social networking sites. In fact, the latest version of this app allows users to post their favorite videos across social sites they’re active in. It is expected that in the future versions of this app users can see more elements being added into the app, including friend feeds and collaborative playlists.

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