How to use Whatsapp Web on Computer

Whatsapp is a very commonly used tool for communication by many users in many parts of the world. Established in January 2010, Whatsapp happens to be one of the biggest communication apps ever invented. Whatsapp offers text messaging, voice messaging and voice calls for its users to communicate efficiently. Many people want to know if Whatsapp can be operated through a PC, laptop or tablet. For many, using Whatsapp on a computer is far more convenient.

Earlier, people could use Whatsapp on their computers by using bluestacks software. This allowed them to install and use Whatsapp on their computers, PCs, laptops and even tablets. However, there is good news for all the users now. You do not need any software or emulators to install Whatsapp on your PC now. You can now successfully install and use Whatsapp directly in your computers as the company has officially launched their new feature “Whatsapp for Web” which allows its users to efficiently and conveniently use Whatsapp on their computers, laptops and tablets.WhatsApp on PC

Whatsapp Web basically a tool that allows you to use Whatsapp exactly like you did in your phone. It does not offer you a new account but simply is an extension to your original one on your cell phone. The same account name and number is used on the Whatsapp Web as in the Whatsapp on your phone. So basically, everything is same between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Web, except that they are both used on different devices. Both, Whatsapp and Whatsapp Web are synced together and you will be able to send and receive the same messages on both the devices. You can see the messages you sent from Whatsapp on Whatsapp Web and vice versa.
It is very easy to install and use Whatsapp Web. Below is a step by step procedure to show you how this is done:

How to use WhatsApp on PC using Whatsapp for Web

1. Things you need to use Whatsapp for Web:

  • Google Chrome or other browsers.
  • A smartphone on which you are using whatsApp. However, there is a slight bad news for iPhone and Apple users. They will not be able to use Whatsapp on their computers yet but hopefully, this will change in the future.
  • Make sure that your Whatsapp installed in the smartphone is active and working.
  • Make sure your Whatsapp is updated to the latest version.
  • Whatsapp requires internet so make sure your internet is well connected to your phone and computer.

After making sure that these requirements are fulfilled, you can go ahead with the procedure.

2. Steps to install and use Whatsapp on your computer:

  1. On your browser, go to A QR code will appear that you will have to scan by your phone.
  2. After you are done with this, open the Whatsapp app on your phone and go to Whatsapp Menu.
  3. Click Whatsapp Web on your phone and a scanner will appear. You will have to scan the QR code on the browser of you PC, as stated in the step above. Place your phone near the computer screen and scan the code.
  4. After you have scanned the code successfully, you will see that automatically, your Whatsapp account in your smartphone will open on your browser.
  5. You can now successfully use Whatsapp for Web on your computer.

Whatsapp Web offers some pretty cool features like Desktop Notifications and Log out.

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