Most Useful 8 Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Chrome has some amazing available collection when it comes to extensions. These extensions can ease the way you spend your internet time and enhance the user’s experience. They range from simple extensions that alter the look of your chrome home page to advanced ones that allow the user to carry out a lot of activities without having to go through a longer route. Some of the most useful Chrome extensions are discussed here:

1. Momentum

Momentum is an extension that converts the home page into a more user friendly personal dashboard. It brings a new background image everyday along with a personalized greeting and an inspirational quote. It makes the user feel welcomed by asking about their focus for the day and shows the complete time and date. It also offers a weather report and a to-do widget.


2. is a to-do extension. It keeps track of your day to day tasks before hand and reminds you at the appropriate times. It synchronizes your tasks and meetings across numerous devices and networks. It can add detailed notes and involves a user friendly drag and drop interface which makes it easy to organize lists.

Any Do

3. Strict Workflow

This extension is extremely important in the present times as we spend most of our time aimlessly scrolling down the social media sites with no other way to kill time but end up wasting our time reserved for important day to day tasks as well. This extension makes sure that we don’t spend more than appropriate amount of time on such sites by blocking these sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc for appropriate amounts of time predetermined by the user to significantly minimize the wastage of time on these websites.

Strict Workflow

4. Mighty Text

This app is specially designed for smart phone users as they can use it to keep track of their phone activity through their PC. It needs to be installed on both the PC as well as the smart phone. It lets the user receive and respond to SMS and MMS messages and notifies them of the phone’s low battery while syncing photos and videos at the same time.

Mighty text

5. VideoStream

This extension lets you stream videos from your computer on your Android TV or Chromecast. This streaming does not require any additional software to be installed and therefore it’s very easy to use.

Video Stream

6. Earth View From Google Earth

You can use the Earth View extension to view images of Earth from the Google Earth software to appear on your browser’s home page. You can also share these images on the social media or download them as wallpapers.

Google Earth View

7. LastPass

This extension is really helpful as it eradicates the need to remember dozens of passwords for different websites individually. It generates appropriate passwords for the user to be used on various platforms and also lets the user easily log into these websites without going through the process of entering long passwords every time.

Last pass

8. Google Dictionary

Google dictionary extension lets the users easily find out meanings to unknown words without having to find websites.

Google Dictionary


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