Best & Easy ways to secure WordPress from hackers and malware

WordPress is a popular and demanding content management system. More and more websites are switching to the WordPress due to its powerful and easy features. It ...

LivePlan – Online Business planning tool

A business plan has simply got to be the most important aspect of planning and launching a business and it gets very hard to get funding from creditors or ...

Tools which can help you to create content for your blog or website

It is not always easy to create content for your website. There are times that it will very well feel as if you are trying to sprint in the swamp. Even as a ...

Mythemeshop – Free and Cheaper WordPress themes Club

Today most of the websites are created with the CMS Wordpress. Wordpress is very easy, scalable and extendable content management system. There are lots of ...

KnownHost – Best VPS hosting provider

Online presence has become necessity for everyone. And it is very important but difficult to find out a reliable, affordable and helpful hosting provider. In ...

Top Keyword Analysis tools for your SEO Strategy

The basic substructure of SEO comprises of keyword research, quality content, on page optimization and an affective user interactive website. Keywords are the ...

Shoeboxed can help your business to go paperless

In today's times, we can say people have come to appreciate the world more and have learned of many ways on how to care for it. One significant step an ...

5 Changes to SEO In 2015 That You Should Know

Search Engine Optimization is a moving target. Search engines update regularly. A good SEO specialist should be able to adjust to the changes. You can say that ...

Wideo – Online video studio to create animated videos

So what is a Wideo will likely be your first question? Simply put a wideo helps you to make professional animated videos in just minutes, and the best part is ...

How can the Best Web Hosting Company be Chosen?

Website has become much important for any of the companies as the online presence is a factor that is capable of providing you with the exposure that you need. ...

Non mobile friendly websites will be ranked down by Google

Google has let everyone know that if they do not offer consumers a website that is mobile friendly then it will rank all non-mobile friendly websites down. ...

Google Included HTTPS as ranking factor in its algorithm

Google is very conscious and worried about Internet security. It has invested plenty of its money and resources to ensure that its services make use of the ...

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